Sarcasm never works
Chasing the Sunset
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Chariset says:

Awww, Leaf looks so delighted at the prospect of encountering an ancient evil.

hkmaly says:

Well, considering that Elves are part Fae ... I think they _are_ safe to go. Come on, the "no Man or Dwarf" is almost an invitation!

But beware: they'll need to choose different path on way back. If they succeed of course :-)

Winterbay says:

Going further on the LotR-references we can extrapolate from the prophecy that "no man shall ever be able to slay the king of the Nazgūl." which turned out to be true when he was killed by a woman :)

Darius Drake says:

BUT I WANT THE ELIXER OF LIFE! Why can't I have the recipe?

Flightmare says:

I can give it to you if you like, but the version I have involves some hard to find ingredients... You'll need Silverling feathers.

Lee says:

Poor Myhrad. It's hard being the group's deadpan snarker when nobody appreciates a good snark.

Winterbay: she had a bit of help from aHobbit, who wasn't strictly speaking a Man either.

Jindra34 says:

Yep defintely a straight invite for the elves and the dragon. And of course if it is the same lady it shouldn't turn out to bad.

Baldric says:

Leaf sure seems interested in meeting a balrog !

Poor Myhrad really should know better than to expect his elvish companions to see when he's being sarcastic.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yeah, they've met the Lady/Morgane/whatever you want to call her before, going through this valley should be a cinch for them.


wonderfull, just... laughing to much to think of what to type

Osk says:

and i seem to forget to fill in my name too

Lairmaid says:

Now, is it conceivable that Lady Morgane has another reason besides race/unfayishness of travellers for not letting people through? Some peril inherent in the place to mortals, or a secret not to be known by the world at large? you CAN'T just set a place up as dangerous in the plot and not have a reasonable danger in there for Our Heroes to encounter along the way.


Osk, you've been stealing mine ;-)

Anakha says:

Oh, classic.
Also: hilarious! Valley of the Fairies, I see the Group Reunite.....;)

bluemeadows says:

love leafs face in pannel 3 he looks so sweet! great job again :-)

no one says:

NOOOO! Faries

Pulsy says:

fairies ... or fear-ies! *dum-dum-dum!*

Spamotron says:

Well if I understood the Pixie Background page correctly. Faeries look like Pixies but are shy and introverted. No word on their abilities but if an opposites vibe is being maintained they may have order based magic.

Skreyola says:

hehehe... love the gleeful LOTR allusion... and poor Myhrad... always taken seriously at the wrong times.

Winterbay says:

Lee: True, but considering we have 1 dragon and 2 elves of which one is female we have covered several angles :)

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Ach, no. Not the valley of fairies. Something tells me the Return of Feiht doth approach.
The map is preeeetty... *stares in hypnotic fascination*

Dark Donkey says:

The blonde bearded guy doth not use doth in his speech?

l says:

yeah... the faries will probably INSIST that they take feiht with them when they leave (or something)
Either that or she will follow them again... now that Myhrad has... flight (cue terrifying music).
Really... she was going on about how she wanted him to help her cause mass chaos, and one of the only things stopping her was the fact that he couldn't fly yet. But now... (shudder)

Nebra Reppalk says:

It's probably a case of fey not tolerating people encroaching on their territory and The Lady just happens to have the means to make sure they don't.

Chariset says:

You have to admit, not many characters have known how to deal with pixies.

Darius Drake says:

Is Morgane a fairy? I agree with Anakha, there will be a group reunite. Though I still want an elixer of life, preferably one that I can understand. For example what are silverlings, and do they actually HAVE feathers?

Red Shadow says:

"None doth go into Morgane's Wrath and come out again?" ... does anyone besides me think that maybe, just maybe, that's because no one _wants_ to come out again? Somehow, I don't see Morgane as the killing-type. Most likely, the Fairy Land is just too wonderful to leave.

hkmaly says:

What if they DID returned and noone recognized them?

Osk says:

oh, by the way, i remember reading something in the background section. Pixies and fairies look alike, but are not the same, so the cover page might not be about pixies

Osk says:

Also, how come people who reject grammar still have such a big and detailed map?

Darius Drake says:

Just because they reject proper unified speach (which is usless to them), doesn't mean that they will reject knowledge of their surroundings, which they can use for many different reasons.

Storel says:

Ha, nice reference to Fermat's Last Theorem in the hovertext. 8-)

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