Stones, Guardians and Shadow wolves (well, just one of each)
Chasing the Sunset
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Shadow says:

w00t! "Feiht was here" graffiti, a fairy dragon that seems to be less shiny, a surprise attack by a shadow wolf, and Feiht seems to have run off somewhere again.

Winterbay says:

Heh, love the alt-text. Also, bad wolf!

Mpp says:

Nice hidden hint :)

KBKarma says:

Hey! Hidden PacMan! I've never used the Magnifier before, and now I have. Very nice.

Lee says:

I have a couple of issues with the magnifier. 1: if you move the mouse too close to the edge of the image the magnifier can disappear without warning. 2: The alt-text sometimes obscures the magnified image.

In the words of John Lennon: Help?

C-PM says:

Lee: The alt-text disappears after around five seconds and stays gone for the rest of the time your mouse is on the image so you can rest easy about that.

Pulsar says:

The magnifier image only disappears when your mouse actually scrolls off the edge of the image, even though i see how you could be surprised by it. The alt text always appears when you hold the mouse still after moving. Sadly that's a browser feature, the only way around it would be for the authors to remove alt text alltogether, but we'd lose the puns that way...

hkmaly says:

While nothing can be done with the alt-text problem, the "edge" problem would be much better if the CENTER of magnifier follow mouse and not the upper left corner. Compare how different the magnifier behaves on top edge and on bottom edge. (Or is this browser dependend too? Firefox in this case ...)

MoonMinx says:



good luck with that

Mad_Sheep says:

I love the littel gafity on the stone from Feith

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