Chasing the Sunset
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Vinom the GodKing says:

first... and aperently the standing stone is an earth bender

Cemalidor says:

I guess the Lady wont like this. But clear self-defense.

Therru says:

So *that's* what Feiht's been up to! *squees at Eddie Izzard reference*

Chariset says:

Is the shadow-wolf-thing hurt? It seems to be bleeding on the chest

Anakha says:

hmmmm, who`s throwing the Stones? As it DOES seem too fast of a response for the "Old Rock"......
Alos: Myrhad attacked? Damn.....

Winterbay says:

Heh. flags :)
I'm going to see his new show some days before Christmas. Yay!

Did that stone just cause stones to fly around?

MadMann135 says:

Leaf did a magic spell!? Laser beam thingy on shadow wolf?

Vulpis says:

Actually..looks like Feiht is just completely distracted with her mountain-climbing effort. :-) As for the flying stones...I'm trying to tell if it's something Leaf or the faerie-dragon are doing, or just possibly the local 'youngsters' getting involved. Don't take them for granite, after all. :-)

Lee says:

Kind of hard to see what's going on, what with it being, y'know, *in shadow* and all... until the penultimate panel, and even there it helps to have the magnifier available.

PS In latin numerals 600 strips would be DC...

Baldric says:

Nice fighting scene. I don't think we've ever seen Myrhad so brave before !

Black Mantha says:

In panel 2, it looks like the gardian tore a strip out of Ayne, but I can't see any wounds.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Okay....a little confused as to what's going on right now. Maybe the shadow wolf is not...evil? I don't know.

Also: No flag no country! You can't have one! Those are the rules that I've just made up. And I'm backing them up with this gun...which was lent to me by the...National Rifle Association.

niukal says:

think the standing stone talking to the druid ring csllin em fools for helping with the flying rocks
also Leaf attack either well placed or very careless blast so close to Myrhad head while 4 combatants wrestling around each other
ps how are they effecting a thing made of shadow ?? the spells would work but the physical attacks ??
unless the wolf needs to take solid form to effect them DAM hate when answer my own questions

Mithandir says:

For those for whom this strip is just too dark, here's a brighter version.

Tonic says:

I like how the sahdow wolf's flesh warped around Ayne's blade/

USFPutty says:

They're not. Well, more correctly, Leaf and the faerie dragon seem to be. The sword did jack. And the blood appears to be all Ayne's, since it's only particularly evident on/around the wolf's claws and teeth. The rocks seem to be coming from whatever's surprising the bejeezus out of Leaf in the last panel (face is priceless.)

ultrainventor says:

that still leaves the question: where is Ayne's wounds?

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Beautiful. So glad to see that Myrhad can find his courage when he needs to! :D

hkmaly says:

So ... whom is the Livingstone call fools and why? ...

-Norbert- says:

For me it looks as if Ayne pushed the paw of the Shadowwolf away and he hit himself in the stomach, drawing his own blood.
And I think the reason Myhrad is attacking the Shadowwolf is, because he's afraid what Ayne will do to him after the fight, if he just hides ^^

SagaciousNJ says:

I believe that all of you people are behaving as Rockists, just assuming that all stones "know each other". For shame!

BASM says:

Ayne's wound should be on her left shoulder where the wolf first grabs her. You can sorta see it in the second panel, there is even some blood there. Love Feiht's flag flying alone on the stone in the last panel.

Someguy says:

Myhrad, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
Bite his freaking head off!

Kuyselle Goldword says:

*sighs* Now, now, homicidal elf/overly cynical dragon/sparkly faerie dragon/flaming Fury-possessed elf, don't be mean! Why can't we all just get along? XD

Shadow says:

Ayne either got really small or Leaf got really big in the 5 panel.

Akamar says:

The Shadow Wolf isn't evil, I think. He's doing his job. The stone seemed to get upset when Leaf attacked with magic. This is likely not going to leave a good impression with the Lady and... well, who knows..

SagaciousNJ says:

The wolf may not be evil but as the stone said he is "self appointed", he took it upon himself to maul and menace strangers; unreasonable behaviors garner unreasonable responses.

Pulsar says:

Scary stuffs ... i wonder what the rock would think is the right reaction to this situation, maybe it forgot that getting bitten actually hurts.

Chariset says:

I didn't like Wolfie, but if he's hurt then I feel a little sympathy for him

Darius Drake says:

I think that the fairy dragon lifted and through the stones in panel 5/6, after hitting the shadow wolf in the head in panel 4. Also, I think that Leaf hit the shadow wolf softer than he would of if he wanted to kill it.

Jindra34 says:

Darius I think if the shadow wolf convinced Leaf to kill it the wolf would be dead, after all while furies may only be good for destroying they are remarkably good at that.

MoonMinx says:

The dragon pooped on it

niukal says:

Jindra34 brings up a good point after the attack on ann i think the furies be taking a big part in this battle i guess leaf control is slowly getting better

ultrainventor says:

the wolf turned into a blob when the rock hit it.

ultrainventor says:

sry, where ARE Ayne's wounds

Kale says:

Heh, I sense that our alt text writer is familiar with Eddie Izard.

Vimes says:

That wasn't the rock, that was the Faerie Dragon. Didn't you see it glowing as the rocks got raised?

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

*horn, confetti, cake, etc)

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