Seek and Hide
Chasing the Sunset
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Chariset says:

I admit to wondering how a giant standing stone can 'distract' anything...

Buretsu says:

I don't know, it was pretty handy with those flying rocks. There's always juggling.

Selbin says:

Actually that was Leaf with the rocks. I thought it was the big stone at first, too, but upon further investigation, it seems Leaf is getting more competent.

Selbin says:

Or I could be wrong. I dunno anymore!

Mithandir says:

It was in fact the standing stone doing that. Just call him Ludo :)

Alric says:

Ludo "Rocks Friends!"

Cemalidor says:

Fairy about to go super sonic. :lol:

Lee says:

Ooh, shiny typo! Should be "embarrassing" (a, two r's)

ultrainventor says:

haha! love how Feiht changed her mind.

no one says:

Does anyone see the man eating rock?

ultrainventor says:

what man eating rock?

hkmaly says:

How exactly will other pixies get to know about that and remember that?

Akamar says:

Knowing Feiht, she'd let it slip.

hkmaly says:

Akamar: Knowing Feiht, she forgot it herself in few minutes.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Hehe. "Musicy one."

... says:

Heh. I read that as "musky one"... WTF?

CoolHandNuke says:

I assume the flag in panel one is from the Feiht Mountain Climbing Expedition.

Someguy says:

I wonder why the shadow thing stopped being afraid of the faerie dragon and attacked them?

Pulsar says:

Oh! I was wondering what a musky one would be as well! ... Kinda stupid, since "Quick!" just earlier has the "IC" combination as well, and i read that one right ...

Chris says:

In the second panel, if you use the magnifier to look under dragon's (whose name escapes me atm)dialog, there's a little winged figure. Me thinks the Faeries ahve already found them, or it could be the guardian approaching.

ultrainventor says:

ooooohhhhhhhhhh, i didn't see how the i and c looked like a k before.

ultrainventor says:

Chris: i don't see it. i only see feiht and the butterfly as far as winged figures go.

l says:

well... I see a winged figure behind the "because faeries are very, very good at hiding"bubble

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