Chasing the Sunset
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Alric says:


Cemalidor says:

Huh, first again? oO

Well, Captain Obvious strikes again there. ^^ Guess Myhrad is 'lucky' that Ayne is distracted. :lol:

Chariset says:

At least she gets the consolation of knowing she was right....

Anakha says:


But I agree, its a bad sign the protagonists begin to guess it too, albeit late.....;)

Pulsar says:

Love Leaf's messy look in the last panel :D

Alric says:

Cemalidor: No, I believe I was first ^_^

Alric says:

We have 1 more episode we can guess at before the creators are off on their vacation. So what are people's guesses on how they resolve this cliff hanger ending?


haha "six ton rock with delusions of sentience" and "are you calling me fat?" hilarious.

Jindra34 says:

Why does it seem like whenever Ayne expects a trap there is one but whenever Leaf expects one there isn't?

Someguy says:

My guess? The pixie dragon does a magic "mega-monster-morph" and scares them off.

Cemalidor says:

Yes, was too slow typing there. :D

l says:

Jindra34: that may be because she has this thing called intelegence. She actually knows strategy, and can understand the mind of creatures, as well as being very cynical. Leaf, on the other hand has an overactve imaginaton and maybe even slight parinoia. you can see the difference.
(this is just a speculation on my part, based on my interpritation of CTS.)

Dungeon&Dragons NERD says:

Wow, smart wolves.

Darius Drake says:

There there. I know that both the readers and the characters can see the plot, but look on the bright side. At least it means that the characters are intelligent, and they didn't do anything to avoid the trap either.

Tabyathe says:

Shadow-Puppy, not wolf, in my opinion. And not attacking, but intending to play. After all, talking rocks, whistling faerie dragon, furies; if there's one thing we should know, it's nothing is as it appears...

OWK says:

Apparently this shadow wolf station is fully operational after all... :)

Though they haven't counted on their eyes being so *shiny* in the dark!

Alric says:

I predict........Phase Kobolds!

Orca says:

Phase kobolds vs. pixie. Hmmmm...

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Ai! A trap! *stares at glowing eyes* Shiny...

Wanderer says:

...All right, I've lost the plot somewhere. They came to this valley to try and make a shortcut to rescue the boy, right? Do they remember that? Because it feels like it's been quite some time since the last mention of it.

Wanderer says:

That's not a complaint about update speed or anything, by the way. I've been genuinely wondering for a while now if these two even remember why they're here.

Someguy says:

Bwahaha, omg, I had totally forgotten why they were there.

hkmaly says:

I have alternative solution: As a magical being, the shadow wolf sensed furries inside Leaf (by the way, they didn't show for some time ...) and therefore assumes Ayne IS the weakest.

Kai says:

Where did Feiht go?

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