Flower power!
Chasing the Sunset
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Edgard says:

I wonder what would her bow and arrows become...

Pulsy says:

Hmmm suddenly the fearies became scary... Earlier i liked them, but now they seem to want to trap our gang! Evil! I like how Myhrad and Feiht are walking underneath the leaf Leaf is sitting on :)

hkmaly says:

I predict that soon the fairy will WISH she had a sword ...

Stardrake says:

I am suddenly reminded of Dragon Age... "Is that your new favoured weapon?"

Unknown says:

Leaf did not say 'No', so the Faerie tries to persuade him to join. I don't think the Faeries would intentionally trap someone (well.. Feith maybe but that is another story)

Unknown says:

Ayne joined the amazons... Maybe Leaf joins the Faeries and still comes along, like Ayne?

Rock says:

The Big Sister seems to mean well, but she's looking at things from her own perspective - and maybe she doesn't see Leaf's point, or she's trying to make him look clearly at his own motivation. Her turning Ayne's weapon into a flower is funny - and her words seem like a warning: Anyone in the Playground could take it away without breaking much of a sweat ...

Golux says:

Strike one, the Amazon needs no weapons to inflict punishment.
Strike two, the furies are held back by nothing, including magic.
Big Sister, figure out that you should get shut of them before you hit strike three.

Duke says:

I just reread the beginning of the story and I noticed that Myhrad looked a lot older back then. His horns were longer and sharper and he was almost bigger then Leaf. And while Leaf has grown a bit, but , so should have Myrad. But he is only half the size. In panel four of this comic he looks like a little kitten.

Machiavellian says:

Oh hey! You're back! You're Back! Sweet! Welcome back!

Rock says:

@Duke: Dragons mature more slowly than elves. Leaf -could- have caught him up and passed him. *shrug*

Lee says:

In the words of Peter Gabriel... A FLOWER? (Dan, dan, dan, dan) If you go down to Willow Farm...

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