The Choice
Chasing the Sunset
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Someguy says:

What's this? First comment? Squee!
Also... you should definitely take the BLUE pill, Leaf.

hkmaly says:

"Wait"? Wait for what?

Odo says:

@hkmaly -- undoubtedly for Leaf's clever plan!

Rose says:

Is it just me or has Myhrad been putting on some weight lately? :P
If he's not careful he'll never be able to fly again! (Don't tell Myhrad that, though.)

I love Big Sister's face in panel two, she's so... Well, she has authority, and still she's only a child. Like a true big sister :)


Hopefully Leaf will have a way to not be returned home, or else we'll have to start all over again.

Lecs says:

Yay! Hidden picture! And it's so cute!
And I would imagine Leaf's about to ask for help.

Anime says:

I use the RSS feed, so I see the alt text before the comic... and had to get ahold of myself before reading. How can one be bored with this group around? xD

C-PM says:

I love Feiht's hidden text bubble. :D

Pulsy says:

Ooh hidden speech bubbles! That's new :D And lot's of fun ^^

Mithandir says:

New? You sure about that? :)

Unknown says:

@Odo and hkmaly: It's surely about help, i mean that's why they tried to find the faeries in the first place, right?


where's the hidden text?


never mind found it out

Edgard says:

Are there any older comic numbers that have hidden text?

Pulsy says:

Oh no Mith... do you realise what you just did? Now ima have to go through hundreds of comics with the magnifiers, looking for hidden bubbles #.# Aaargh!

Rose says:

What's all this babbeling about "hidden text bubbles"? :<
I dun' get it, but I'm not ususally one of the better "search-and-find" people, since I still haven't found the "next-update-clock" thing yet... Kinda wondering if it's coz' I got Windows Vista :S Are you all Mac or Firefox people?

C-PM says:

Well I've got Windows 7 and IE 8 and I can see the update clock just fine.

Watsuki says:

I feel your pain Pulsy... this is the first time i've noticed the hidden text myself. Still, I think it's worth the time, don't you?

Rose says:

*whimpers pathetically* I can't find it! :< Wth is wrong with me/my computer?
Meh. I suppose this comic is pretty much awesome enough without the bonusses, but still - can't blame me for going insane of curiosity, can you? :P

Can you?

Alien says:

Rose: Click the link of my name, that shows the bottom right of the comic strip as I see it. Do you have anything looking something like this? If not, what browser are you using, is your computer your own or are you browsing from some commonly-locked-down computer like a school or library one?
The update timer should be steadily ticking downward, and clicking the magnifying glass should load a white block of text.

Lindale says:

I didn't know about the hidden text bubbles either! But I knew about the secret pictures - the one in this comic is so cute!

Rose says:

Where you have everything on the bottom right of the strip, is where my comments-box is. The question mark is on the top left of that comment-box, and the magnifying glass is below that. The question mark and the magnifying glass are standing between the left box where you can choose comics, and the comment-box. But the magnifying glass doesn't do anything, no matter what mouse-button I use, or if I even just roll over :S
I'm using windows vista, not a clue which version. I can ask my dad, he's the one that's the IT-er in our family :P

Heh, I sure am a mystery girl, aren't I?

Alien says:

Rose: windows is your operating system. Your browser is probably internet explorer or something. You could ask your father whether he's disabled javascript.

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