Asking fey for help
Chasing the Sunset
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Furia Firelander says:

Mmmmm, don't do it Leaf, it is not worht it :D. But beside that, i like the easter egg and the snake.

winner says:

He should do it, it's wrong to keep children imprisoned.

Lee says:

I counted five Easter eggs.

hkmaly says:

Oh. They are chasing that kidnappers. Forgot about this little detail :-)

no one says:

i count 6!

Pendraco says:

now.. does anyone else remember Malvenicus? *KRAK-A-TOW!* (i think that's the right name)

Wanderer says:

I'm glad Leaf remembered. The way things have been going I was afraid everyone had completely forgotten why they were even there in the first place.

neuefruhling says:

Wanderer, yeah glad Leaf remembered because I sure forgot!

Mithandir says:

Yeah I'm sorry, I'm making the plot too convoluted while fading it into the background :(

Pulsy says:

Nah it's very clear if you read all the strips in a row. It's because of the hiatus earlier. The kidnapping story started a few weeks ago. Very simple solution: go back about 30 strips and start reading again, that's what i do every once in a while :)

hkmaly says:

Wanderer: Actually, they are not here to seek help, but simply because it's a shortcut.

Rose says:

Big Sister's got a point... I mean, if she can't have Leaf and Ayne join her little band of children, she should at least give the lost child they're looking for that Choice.
I'm curious how they're going to solve this dilemma ^^
Go on Leaf! Dazzle us with your plans!

Unknown says:

I guess it's easy to solve...
If he joins the faeries, he is allowed to go home and say goodbye, so Leaf fulfilled his promise to the parents.
If he doesn't join the faeries... all is well

Phenoca says:

Does he forget his parents if he becomes a fairy?

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