Ich bin ein Fey
Chasing the Sunset
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Edgard says:

I want to see the guardian already!! :D

caribet says:

Is Feiht drawing graffiti in panel 3? Certainly causing trouble anyway..

It's great to see how much you are on good form after your rest.

Odo says:

Feiht drawing graffiti? Say it's not so! Oh, OK, it does seem remarkably likely, doesn't it.

I like the Faeries. You've given them very good faces and body-language.

Earl of Purple says:

Whatever Feiht is painting, she appears to be using polkadot paint.

Pulsy says:

polkadot paint... that is beyond awesome. Imagine a bucket of that, dipping your brush in it, and paiting a dotted stripe in one stroke! :D

-Norbert- says:

Ermmm... "Ich bin ein Fey"... Fairy in german would be "Fee" and it would need to be "Ich bin eine Fee", though there is a brand of paper tissues called fey, but I doubt you were refering to that, since I doubt dragons like to eat tissues.

Rose says:

Ah-psh, Fey tissues are a very healthy diet for dragons! Everyone knows that *angelface* ^^
I absolutely love how Big Sister shrugs in panel 2 - subtle, but amazing.

hkmaly says:

I'm trying to imagine a beast with human level inteligence and still more teeth that braincells ...

no one says:

#568 The jabberwocky is what i'm thinking of for the guardian.

Lee says:

Feiht is drawing a CND peace symbol.

Sdragon says:

That a red dwarf reference I see in the last panel? :)

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Wow, Feiht's drawing a peace sign? Not exactly what I would expect from, well... Feiht.
I really like Leif's new getup. It's awesome, like Legolas in ninja training.

Ultrainventor says:

haha! good point! well... wait a minute... why is does the title say "I am a fairy" in German?

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