Chasing the Sunset
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Winterbay says:

Heh :)
Love the drawing of the small guardan when they are big :)

Bucky says:

The bunny joke worked so well the first time that you decided to tell it again?

Unknown says:

'There's always a bigger monster.'
I love the astonished look the Guardian has in panel 2... reminds me of Myhrad

Lindale says:

Aww, poor baby guardian ^^;

hkmaly says:

Mommy? That means that the Guardian is not some manifested magic force but only magic creature. It can be defeated, fooled, runned from ... and given it's intelligence, it is in fact weird its protecting anyone. I mean with the exception of its children. Holding it in air is NOT good idea.

Lee says:

If TV Tropes Wiki doesn't have a page for this kind of situation, it sure as hell should have.

Stickmaker says:

So, is the "Mommy" in that last panel an identification or a cry for help? :-)

Ultrainventor says:

dang, two of my theories were wrong. ah well. now we know that the real guardian is mortal and can be killed using a belt full of frag grenades.

PS: Love the "Guardian's" expression in the second panel.

Ultrainventor says:

(as if they had grenades...)

Ultrainventor says:

aha! Mommy guardian comes so close to mother's day! was that planned?

EveryZig says:

I like how Fheit is trying to steal the baby guardian's antenna in panel two.

Darius Drake says:

Sheesh, they really should look around before doing things. At least they didn't kill the baby right off.

Pendraco says:

the TV tropes page i believe would be "Summon bigger fish" ;)

Rose says:

Awesome. That's all there's left to add, besides I love all the panels (altho number three is my favourite coz' baby-guardian looks so scared ^^)

hkmaly says:

EveryZig: Is panel three. And it actually look she succeeded.

Ultrainventor:Conventional granades are weak. Rezo the Red Priest was experimenting with black powder but stopped because it was weak in comparsion to magical explosions. I'm sure Leaf's Furies are capable of much bigger destruction ...

Ultrainventor says:

more destruction than a belt full of grenades? How about


antimatter is a substance that on contact with matter, explodes and gives off insane amounts of energy. the amount of energy givin off follows the formula E=MC^2. that means that if you had one gram of antimatter, you would multiply that by the speed of light squared, getting billions of Joules (and some gamma radiation)... i did it again...

that guy again says:

Actually Feith is grabbing Junior's shiny in all three first panels (look behind the first speech bubble with the magnifier), she's just more visible in the third because she's growing along with the elves.
And Junior's antenna is still there, it's just partly hidden behind his head in panel 4 and blending in with the pattern on Ayne's armour in panel 5.

hkmaly says:

Ultrainventor: That's why I said conventional grenades. Or let's say chemical grenades. Generally, chemistry is weak, you need physic. Particle physic, quantum physic, special theory of relativity or general theory of relativity ... and special theory of relativity is not suitable for grenades, only for orbital bombardment.

hkmaly says:

On the other hand, special theory of relativity is great for orbital bombardment. I mean, in 99.99% of speed of light, it is irrelevant if the projectile is from antimatter or matter ...

Rose says:

Durr! Since when did this crap get all sciency? I just think this comic is cute ^.^

hkmaly says:

... actually, the projectile moving at only half the speed of light have already more that 2*MC^2 kinetic energy ...

Rose: Sorry.

Ultrainventor says:

Hkmaly: ah, but it is the chemical reactions that cause the bang and produce the energy required for the fragments to move at a lethal velocity. no matter what it is, it all comes down to what's going on at the subatomic level.

Rose: sorry, I cant help it. science, videogames, inventing, and being somewhat annoying are the only things I seem to be good at at times...

hkmaly says:

Ultrainventor: What bang? What fragments? Traditionally, electromagnets are used for accelerating to these kind of speeds ...
Yes, subatomic. Nothing chemical.

ultrainventor says:

!?!?!?!? what are you talking about? electromagnets have nothing to do with explosions. and Chemistry IS what is going on at the subatomic level. yes, electromagnets are powerful, but they don't have anything to do with explosive materials, which is what I was talking about.

hkmaly says:

I'm talking about hi-speed orbital bombardment. You know, when something drops from orbit - even at low speeds like 30km/s - it results in big explosion without any chemical reaction at all.

Chemistry is working on level of atoms. It's about exchanging electrons between them and such. Subatomic level means protons and neutrons, nuclear fusion and fission.

Traditionally, if you want to accelerate something to high speed (especially speeds over half of speed of light) you will use particle accelerator, device that uses electric fields to propel charged particles to high speeds and to contain them in well-defined beams. Humans on earth are not on technology level for hi-speed orbital bombardment, but using electromagnets for it make sense anyway.

Ultrainventor says:

yeah, i know about the partical accelerater. that is how antimatter is created and how atoms are fused together. I was talking about grenade chemical explosions. all antimatter has to do to release billions of joules of energy is to come in contact with matter. the matter and the antimatter then defy the laws of conservation of mass and energy by destroying themselves to create their equivalent in energy. besides, an explosion from heavy mass hitting the ground at high speeds is not really an explosion. the shockwave and newton's three laws are what causes the crater and the cloud, not a true explosion. to be an explosion, two or more chemecals must react in an exothermic reaction producing and giving off a lot of energy in a short time. oh, and the theory of reletivity is only half correct. it is false in the sense that it states that the speed of light is constant even though I believe I saw a documentery saying that some collage students and professors actually built something that slows light down. wow. that was probably my longest lecture ever... why do I do that?

hkmaly says:

Ultrainventor: Then the anihilation of matter and antimatter is not really explosion either :-). Truth is both looks exactly as explosions, because both are giving off a lot of energy in a short time.

The speed of light in vacuum is constant. Or speed of photon. If light goes through some (most) materials, photons get absorbed and then emited by electrons and this slows the light (usually very little). If you slow down the photon, it will stop to exist. Well, except if you do it with gravity. We do not know what gravity does to photons because we do not have (working and verified) quantum theory of gravitation. Our best theory dealing with gravity is general theory of relativity and thats geometrical.

Ultrainventor says:

"Energy" gets absorbed by electrons causing them to jump to a higher energy level. they then release the extra energy in the form of the photon. and a sudden release of energy is an explosion. you can actually stop photons in their tracks using supercooled noble gasses and magnetism. college students and professers stopped photons, and the photons didn't vanish. they only do that if they are absorbed by the electron cloud. I proved a science teacher wrong TWICE in a row! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes, I am strange, I know.

oh, and the new new comic is funny. I didn't put that in my earlier comment.

Ultrainventor says:

oops. I was wrong during my antimatter lecture. I forgot that you had to include the mass of the matter that is required for the antimatter to react. so, one gram of antimatter with one gram of matter would actually create about 180,000,000,000,000,000 units of energy.

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