Idle threat
Chasing the Sunset
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Lae says:

Nice, very nice. Leaf's voice breaking?

Osk says:

fast and sneaky as a rock

Darius Drake says:

So they move by burrowing. I was curious if they did actually move or not.

Rose says:

Anyone notice the small rock on the right of the red one? It looks like it's trying to bury itself :D Oh, and is the baby guardian getting smaller or are our heroes still growing?

Darius Drake says:

I did. I thought that it was coming out of the ground, myself, not into it.

Iceea says:

elf-puberty, hmm. Is he going to catch up to Ayne in height, is he going to start noticing her as a her?
But the rocks are very cool, perhaps they've come to talk to the guardian on behalf of our intrepid travelers.


The rocks rock.

Rock says:

Tisk, tisk, Ayne. Bad Elven Amazon. Bad. And yay for the talking rocks. ^^

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

OOO! I'm glad talking rocks are back. :) And the idea of Leaf's voice cracking, mixed with the Furies talking through him... gonna be SO comical! YAY!

VexingVision says:

This could have been a cheap gag - I'm really glad it's not, and I'm really happy you took the time to indicate the burrowing around the stones. Thanks!

Winterbay says:

Yay! Rock is back :)

ultrainventor says:

HAHA! there moving so slow that the rocks are sneaking up on them... ok that was a bad joke. I love how startled the Guardian looks in the last panel. it looks so confused! :)

taltamir says:

A ROCK snuck up on them :P

Watsuki says:

So elves definitely don't have the stereo type "hyper-awareness," present in other genras. Generas. Other story types. I like it, is the point.

Watsuki says:

Then again, how much noise does a burrowing talking rock make?

Kuyselle Goldword says:

I feel a sudden affection for the rocks. Perhaps I shall marry one. *marries*

Rose says:

Well in case that these are talking and magical rocks, I think they're rather fast at moving (for rocks that is) and if they were really only the size of one of baby monster's claws - well... Then pretty much anything could've snuck up on them...

Stardrake says:

Is it just me, or is that BabyGuardian's TAIL that Ayne is holding a blade to?

Pulsy says:

The big dragon is staring at the whole scene with an unusual calm ... it's probably going to bite a few heads off in the next second. Not? Oh what do i know :)

Unknown says:

Pulsy: I don't think so. In Panel 3 the Guardian looked pretty agitated (understandable). But in the last Panel it looks curious and relieved. Almost like: Ah, now they're here and we can sort this mess out.

hkmaly says:

Stardrake: Yes it IS tail. Not sure if Ayne noticed, through.

Osk says:

isnt it time for her to let it go though?

Ultrainventor says:

oh! i thought it said gravely as in a way that is grave. now it makes more sense.

that guy again says:

Everybody must get stoned!

(Yeah, guess Ayne is new at this threatening innocents busines,...)

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