Rocks friends.
Chasing the Sunset
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Alric says:


Watsuki says:

I have to say, I don't get what the rock's referencing there in the final panel. If anything. Alric suggests labyrinth, but I haven't seent that movie for years and don't remember anything like talking rocks. Help?

Mithandir says:

I think alric was referring to the title of the strip

Darius Drake says:

I'm making a guess here, but... the Sky Bridge? Or maybe the Bridge of the World?

...Ohhh! Bifröst! (Norse Rainbow Bridge to Asgard, which is also known as the realm of the Gods, and as close to pure order as you can get)

Winterbay says:

Ok... Why has English decided that that word needs an extra umlaut? It's called "Bifrost" in both Swedish and Norwegian :)

Also, the bridge is obviously above the world and not on/in it :)

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

That's just Rad!

Qurqirish Dragon says:

Watsuki: There weren't any talking rocks, but Ludo comments "rocks friends" when Sir Dithemus asks him "Canst thou summon up the very rocks?"

Pulsy says:

Floaty bridge thingy! Somehow i feel like the guardian could just charge through the columns and bring the whole bridge down though. Maybe it's magically reinforced?

Lantaro says:

Hmm...maybe it's a nod to the crazy wild bridge in "Shadow of the Collossus." It totally falls apart at the end, too. Looked a lot like that bridge there.

Myst says:

Stairway to heaven? I dunno, it kinda just looks like an aquifer...

Lady Asher says:

I think you might mean an aqueduct.... love the Labyrinth reference, thanks for the regular updates guys! I love this comic and I was so sad when it was stuck on the same strip for months =)

Ultrainventor says:

WHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! talented rocks! and another shocked expression from the guardian.

Saiasanc says:

Yes. Rocks friends is a reference to Labyrinth when Ludo howls and calls the rocks up out of the Bog of Eternal Stench so they could cross safely, he says "Rocks frieeeeends".

Someguy says:

Panel 4: Best Ayne expression yet.

Phenoca says:


Rose says:

Next up on "Chasing The Sunset's Got Talent"! The Rocks will rock your earth and sky..!

Furia Firelander says:

I am wondering will they take the little guardian? I so hope so, but then again, i am a fan of chaos and destruction.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

My sole reaction:

Watsuki says:

I don't remember the "rock friends," from labyrinth either... I really need to go back and watch that. Classic.

Watsuki says:

Whoops... thanks qurqurish. One of these days I'll even read all the comments before I post. One of these days.

Lokitf says:

Pretty sure that calling the rainbow bridge Bifröst constitutes a Hyperforeignism (like Habańero peppers which are called in Spanish "Habanero" meaning "from Havana")

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