Up and away
Chasing the Sunset
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caribet says:

lovely comic - thank you!
I love the last panel...

Darius Drake says:

That bad, huh? Well, think of it this way, he's temporarily gotten over his fear of flying. Good for him.

Lindale says:

Aw, poor Myhrad!

Alric says:

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Myhrad!!!

Pulsy says:

omg he's so cute! ... I told you the bridge would collapse under the guardians charge, and i was right! wheee! :D

Zela says:


Odo says:

It would seem that Myrhad can fly and chew his nails at the same time. I love the look on his face in the last panel. I just hope the Guardian is not smart, because the way to get them would be to simply knock out some supports further up the way to trap them.

hkmaly says:

Odo: You can clearly see he is not smart. Count teeths and remember few stripes back ...

Darius Drake: Exactly what I was thinking: It must be REALLY dangerous if Myhrad rather flies ... especially considering the fact that his flying is mostly based on being light and the lighter you are the less dangerous are bridges for you.

Lee says:

Personally I'd also be worried about the lack of handrails, as if there weren't enough to worry about already.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Aww. Myrie's so cute. (This is his new name.)

Rose says:

D'aw, Myrie. I concurr! That's a cutie-name. I wonder what will happend to the rocks after the guardian decides that fury-boy and amazon-girl aren't worth eating :P
Amazing artwork and script writing people ^^

Tonic says:

Wouldn't it have been better to make the bridge too narrow for the guardian? Elves do typically have super balance.

Unknown says:

Rose: What will happen to the stones? Did you ever try to eat rock?
Anyway, I'm wondering... where's the baby guardian?

Drake says:

In the second frame you can see it run towards the big one, my guess as to direction based on the curve of the bridge. In the third frame I see something near the right center leg, but I can't see if it's the baby or a rock. (As far as I can see it could be a ferret)

Ultrainventor says:


Watsuki says:

Wait... in panel two, is Ayane dropping the baby guardian? Huh. She's getting more cruel. That or Guarian momma was somewhat distracting. Maybe both.

Rose says:

Rocks are edible... Some rocks you can only eat once in yout life though x) And maybe the Guardian will figure "Anything that can talk, can be eaten!"
I wonder where Feiht went, by the way. Maybe I should stop typing aloud...

Unknown says:

Yeah, so maybe they are edible... But chewing has got to be difficult

Rose says:

Poor guardian. All she wanted to do was get some lunch for her kid and herself. Oh well, guess it'll be moths and grass again...

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