Rocks Just Wanna Have Fun
Chasing the Sunset
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Zela says:

Rabid. Dwarven. Astronomers. Not something you see everyday. I bet they're more rare than the stones!

Airobeth says:

That sure does scare me, the thought of rabid, dwarven astronomers,... on another note, that fairy should BRAID ayne's hair! (mwahahah... OH... my pain meds are kickin in dont mind me!)

Pulsy says:

Hehe love the comics title :D Nice joke of Ayne at the start too :D

Lindale says:

Airobeth - Yes! Braid it and dye it and put ribbons in it! ...and then run very far away from Ayne XD

Darius Drake says:

OF COURSE! They are the ones who kill them and turn them into monuments. The lucky ones just acrobatics.

Stardrake says:

Rabid, dwarven, *henge-building* dwarven astronomers.

SuperChingling says:

Great comic, as usual! :D

Though I am wondering what the bite-like thing in the corner of the sixth panel is...

Golux says:

Leaf related to rocks

Lee says:

Fun with magnifiers: the top right corner of panel 6 is ragged in the regular view, like someone took a bite out of it, but it's perfectly straight in the magnified view. I'm confused.

Watsuki says:

Lee: I was wondering if I was just seeing things... but it looks straight to you too? Maybe the brush just got hungry or something.

Rose says:

The world is coming to an end! First hungry paint brushes, then humming rocks, and now rabid dwarven astronomers? *flees screaming*

Kuyselle Goldword says:


Ultrainventor says:


Purohueso says:

I heard some talking rocks around here, :muahaha:

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