The Lost Scout
Chasing the Sunset
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Lecs says:

You have an unbelievable definition of substandard. It's great!

Edgard says:

The colours are great!

Darius Drake says:

The shading is fine, stop beating yourself up over little to nothing.

Oh, and, how big, exactly, was his backyard? I mean, there are some in settings like this that contain forests within their perimiters. And I am referring to heavily fenced off backyards.

Lindale says:

The comic is fine! ^_^ And anyway, it's ok if real life stuff gets in the way!

Watsuki says:

Impressive, now release your anger. Does that other one know Leaf is a Fury? Because an opportunity like that is almost too good to pass up, if we haven't already hit the limit on old movie quotes.

Ultrainventor says:

ROFL would have helped to know that bit of information earlier.

EdorFaus says:

Hahaha... There's someone rock-climbing on the underside of the bridge! :D

Pulsy says:

Something being flung at Myhrad in panel 5? o.O

korgmatose says:

@Pulsy, no it's the cloud of dust that Frank leaves behind as he zips away

Rose says:

I wonder what's climbing up the pillar in the first panel. Or, of course, it could be Feiht who's planting some bombs to have a good time. Great artwork ^^

Anakha says:

Indeed, substandard is still very good, dont be too ahrd to yourself. Also: Nice.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Substandard? No way! Beautiful as always and hilarious as always.

Lantaro says:

Hell of a lot better drawing and colors than I can do. Well done!

Phenoca says:

'He' got lost in his own backyard? But 'he' has a dress!

EdorFaus says:

Phenoca: looks more like some kind of tunic or toga to me, but even if it is a dress - so what? Dresses aren't exclusively for women, even though they're the ones most often wearing them (in our world that is)...

that guy again says:

The shadow of the bridge looks like a dog.

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