The two feihts
Chasing the Sunset
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Timothy says:

: O

: (

NightDancer says:


Francisco says:

However, she has changed. Beforehand, she was carefree and stole as a joke. Now, she has ambition and I don't think that's a pixie trait either.

Alric says:

Is this the new "Big Bad"?


Sounds like we have a new villain on our hands

bean long says:

I do not like this feiht

vinom the god-king says:

Oh my god... fieht kicks ass now.

rose says:

i agree with Francisco in fact i don't think that she lost her powers because she was too nice i think its because she has been too orderly and self aware

Zela says:

Oh no, and since she isn't technically a pixie anymore she won't get distracted in 4.8 seconds!

eekee says:

Oh boy! D:

Interesting theory, Francisco.

Francisco says:

Thank you, eekee and rose.

Francisco says:

Zela, I agree. I'm sure the others would notice something off.

I hope her good side becomes more confident.

Sitara says:

Yay new comic. This chapter promises to be fun (like all the rest).

Ultrainventor says:


Ultrainventor says:

sorry. my mind crashes when there is a serious lack of logic and an overabundence of suprises and confusion.

hkmaly says:

rose: I agree with Francisco too but note that she has NOT lost her powers, she only thinks so.

Darius Drake says:

I'm sorry, but I don't have the ability to explain what's happening to you, oh Glorious Writer. I don't have enough information. Also, if one Feiht has magic, then the other will too. Though the Feiht that just teleported seems to have the makings of a new God of Destruction.

Rock says:

Hmm, interesting. The question to me is: will the other pixies be appalled by someone who used to be one of their own trying to conquer the universe in a direct way, to keep its wealth, or will they ignore it?

Watsuki says:

~Feiht in the multiverse, with evil~ hrm, sadly it doesn't fit. Also, anyone else here think the third symbol looks like a parrot head? What's that translate to?

Prior Semblance says:

Anybody else notice the word mortal?

Rose says:

Yeah, I think we have a pandemonium at hand. Feiht's evil twin going berserk while good Feiht gets blamed... And is mortal, on top of that. Poor little schizophrenic fey!

Pulsy says:

Teleport! I feel sorry for the good Feiht... Wait - Feiht had a good side all this time?

Carl says:

This new Feiht may seem evil, but she's supposed to be part of Feiht, right. Feiht isn't evil, just mischievous, because she's a pixie. This new Feiht is therefore, also a pixie, which means she'll forget about taking over the world in a few minutes.
Besides, Feiht has made similar claims in the past, like when she was riding the seahorse and leading an army of tiny people during their epic escape from the dwarf prisons. She wanted to take over the universe so she could collect taxes.

hailstorm says:

the words i wish to say probly are not aloud on this website

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