Me and I
Chasing the Sunset
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Abidar says:

I understand how hard it can be to write, draw, and upload when you got a zerg pounding at your door. We thank you.

Lindale says:

Only a pixie could get into a situation like this! XD

Darius Drake says:

Do both! And explain the situation to the group, as well. If you fail with just ONE person going insane, sending THREE should work. Leaf, however, would probably think that it all makes PERFECT SENSE.

Also, GOOD WORK on distancing yourself from Starcraft for long enough to make this page.

Stardrake says:

If there's a zerg pounding at your door you need more siege tanks. Or giant laser.

Hornet says:

Nothing can stand before a horde of Zerglings.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Darling Feiht. I want to see her put next to Bertrand Russel, or Kurt Godel, or something. That would be massively squee-inducing.

Pulsy says:

I think Feiht confused so many readers by now, she's earned her wings back twice over!

Golux says:

After the last panel, Ow! my brain hurts...

Unknown says:

@Darius: And he probably would have JUST the plan to solve the situation too.

Zela says:


l says:

But it all does make sense! You just have to be able to think of it objectively, like, say there were two people named feiht and one of them is this one, the other wants to take over the world! the only difference is that, in the comic, they are actually the same person.

eekee says:

Oh so THAT's how poor Gödel ended up so paranoid!

hkmaly says:

The plan with logician is good one.

Kitten says:

Gief Mini Thor :3

Ultrainventor says:

... it is almost like my brain short-out inspired something.


Ultrainventor says:

had to get that out. the logician idea was funny.

VexingVision says:

Obviously, I have too much pixie-blood in me. Feiht's summary of her situation actually made perfect sense to me.

Rose says:

I had to read this comic three times, and I only got it the first time. Huh, must be sunday. Awesome how you can write this stuff! :D

Watsuki says:

Nice comic. Already beat Starcraft 2... on normal mode. One of the rare beyond belief benefits of being out of a job, I suppose. Did I say nice comic? And did Feihts eyes change color again, or did this post drive me over the edge?

Kaiou says:

It made perfect sense to me. But I guess I work on pixie logic myself.

Alric says:

I'm taking my time with Starcraft 2 as well, still less than 10 missions in.

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