Chasing the Sunset
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Ahikam says:

Convince a pixie she doesn't have wings, she doesn't have wings, trick a pixie to believe she has had wings, she has wings! Pixies could rule the universe if they had an attention span of greater than .00325 seconds

Winterbay says:

Hehe, circular logic at its best :)

Darius Drake says:

Persuade her to grow to human size next, Leaf!

Anakha says:

Lovely one. And leafs Plans tend to work better when Piexies are involved. ;)

Pulsy says:

Ooh wings! Leaf is pretty smart, being able to reason with a pixie and all #.#

Alric says:

Knew it was "what a pixie believes is what is" :P

Alric says:

Whatever a pixie imagines / believes, comes about by their power!

BreezleWeezle says:

YAY!! Feiht has her wings back :)
You know those two could be a bad duo. It seems if a pixie could focus for any serious length of time they could be the most powerful magical force around(good thing they can't). Though it seems Leaf, with his crazy schemes could find a way to get Feiht to do anything. Now the question is if they will ever put that all together. hmm probably not so likely :)
Great comic as always! Thanks for your time and dedication!

Golux says:

Oh yes! Very well played! Leaf should open up "Confuse a Pixie, Inc."

Company motto: Circular Logic Makes It Happen!

Mithandir says:

Now there's an idea for a spinoff: the pixie therapist.
Can you imagine the kind of person who'd take that job?

Alien says:

I can imagine the amount of pixies trying to apply, thinking they get to therapise non-pixies.

Osk says:

I think, therefore I am, I am therefore I think?


I think this is Leaf's version of "push every button until something happens", only for pixies!

Lee that is called Lee says:

'Leaf should open up "Confuse a Pixie, Inc." '
Affiliated with Confuse-A-Cat Ltd, naturally.

Watsuki says:

Doh! Beaten to it. Good thought though Golux :p

hkmaly says:

Hmmm ... when exactly did she stopped the effect preventing flying?

And yes, Leaf's plan should include Feiht more often. He seems to have the right amount of crazyness to understand pixies.

Alric says:

Hmm, convince Feiht that Leaf's dad has loads of shinies and to be taken there straight away :p

Pulsy says:

Alric: I think Feiht would go "Shinyyyyy!" and disappear, completely forgetting the rest of the gang...

BreezleWeezle says:

You know Alric, I have thought that a few times lol. But then again if they did she might just up and leave without them hoping to save all the shinies for herself.

CCC says:

Ash says:

The circular logic goes round and round, round and round....

Ultrainventor says:

lol. Smart!

Ultrainventor says:

if you are more like a pixie, you are less like a pixie. if you are less like a pixie, you are more like a pixie. so if you are more like a pixie, that means you are less of a pixie, but then that means you are more like a pixie, but then again that would make you less of a pixie, but again, that would make you even MORE like a pixie, but... but...

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