Chasing the Sunset
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Tensko says:

She's back, and they finally stopped having headaches. (also firsties)

hkmaly says:

Wait, what? Who stopped having headaches? Leaf? Doesn't seem so ...

Anakha says:

Loved the "Number of the Beastiness" in this one.

eekee says:

hehe I love the little beasties

Golux says:

Shiny fire... Hoo boy.

Drygon says:

Yes, Leaf knows how to handle pixies(or at least Feiht) :)


This update just made something very clear to toddler is a pixie!

Ultrainventor says:

lol, this is great!

MrTT says:

nice comic for page 666

Alric says:

Pandora's Shoe Box of Beasties :P

Pulsy says:

Queue the electric guitars! Nice job on the somewhat demonic milestone :)

Ultrainventor says:

woah! Feiht looks freaky in panel 3.

Vexing Vision says:

Brilliant. \o/

Silverwolf says:

No burnination. That's Myhrad's job.

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