Cultural Differences
Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

They really should plan a little more IN ADVANCE ...

hkmaly says:

... on the other hand, they can always remind Feiht how good are pixies in teleporting.

Anakha says:

hehe...yeah, probalby not.

RG2Cents says:

YIKES! Maybe they can snag a boat making a delivery to get back...

Pulsy says:

EEP! Scary island! Great job on the lights in the last panel (blip).

Lee copyright by himself says:

Is that a Pac-Man snake in the magnifier?

pseudonym says:

now would be the time to jump in the water and paddle cuz your life deoands on it!

Osk says:

Leaf will probably make whatever governs that island so crazy that it'll boot them off the island

Osk says:

oh, and...

Look Feiht, shiny skulls!

Ringtail says:

They could attach Myriad and Feiht to the boat and have them pull them back across!!!

Lokitf says:

You'd think that Leaf would have some rediculous and overly complex plan for getting back. usually he's better at "forethought"

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