That's Logic
Chasing the Sunset
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Alric says:

Yep, you should always be with others when going into a scary situation.

Pulsy says:

"Let's check it out" XD I knew it was coming but it still totally made me laugh :D

Also - an island where the hills have faces with green glowing eyes, that can never be good. Big Dirtpile is watching you...

Ice cream for curling vampires eh? Is that something you get for competing, or just for the winners? That sport is harder then it looks, you know.

Anakha says:

Well, at least they didn`t split the party.

beanlong says:


wang says:


RG2Cents says:

Yeah, safety in numbers...

Loz says:

Free hugs of death? Or just a really friendly skeleton?...

Lee himself himself says:

Really cool colouring on this one. Also, once again Myhrad shows his practical side.

AileenHeather says:

Is anyone else hoping this is an elaborate hoax set up by a band of pixies who were hoping shinies would be sent as sacrafice to appease the ghosts? lol.

Osk says:

Only intelligent beings are stupid enough to go towards a blood curdling scream

pseudonym says:

who'd have thought the dragon would be the practical one? i mean, usually elf=wise but not here! way to resist conformity! let us all resist conforming together! :D

Ultrainventor says:

the ghosts are screaming because I tried to explain calculus to them. bah. ghosts are rude.

Pulsy says:

I'd scream too if someone tried to explain calculus to me ... I wonder who was the subject of this torture, so i can't wait till we get to see who screamed :)

Torechwen says:

Let me guess. Chatbox is protesting SOPA?

Mithandir says:

Yeah, it is :)

Mithandir says:

Of course, by the time somebody can read this, it won't be... now there's a conundrum :)

Quote says:

also, ghost's can't hurt you. ... right?

Osk says:

pseudonym, these elves are -barely- teenagers for their race, so wise vs adventure may flip around a bit

Ultrainventor says:

heheh. a skeleton with a "free hugs" sign. cute, and fitting.

Ultrainventor says:

also, I noticed that myhrad was the only one scared by the scream int frame 1.

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