Chasing the Sunset
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Woulv says:


Woulv says:

O.o nice green spirit thing^^

vash_ts says:

ahhh, chaos...
how delightful...

Irish Drinker says:

HAHA Furie is eatting the spirits tale..... panel 5....

Pulsy says:

Looks like the Green Brains dad showed up!
Also - i wonder if Leaf is shutting up because the new green spirit told him to shut up, or if there's something wrong... He has to remember Ayne right, he just mentioned her a few panels before. Or maybe that made him forget her. Argh, complicated indeed!

Golux says:

Oops, "I" no longer exists. He's hit existential failure.

Antonymous says:

Oh no! Will Ayne forget "Rhaaaaaaaaaa!" now that she's given voice it? (But the furies already said it on the previous page; maybe the thought-stealer won't want another copy.)

Matti says:

Leaf: "Something"

Glass says:

Panel 5: Omnomnom LOL XD

pseudonym says:

whaaaat?? the old dude is a green spirit too???

C-PM says:

In panel four I didn't even notice Ayne until just now!

Venalitor says:

what about the power of furies? not to mention, what are those red flame-heads doing?

C-PM says:

Oh my goodness, also didn't notice tail-nom in panel four. Hilarious!

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