Some fiery redheads
Chasing the Sunset
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Norbert says:

Only Ayne would think to attack a bodyless entity with a sword...
So dces that mean the spirits (or whatever they are) that inhabit the island usually only consume the knowledge of the dead, but this one spirit went rogue and takes from the living as well?

Lee who...... says:

Now that would make a great spinoff series. "My Little Fury". Dibs on the royalties.

Pulsy says:

Pulsy says:

It's never wise to charge at a floating green light emiting thingy using a sword... Luckily this one doesn't seem to take much offense.

phalanges1972 says:

I dunno why but ever since the furies and the green Memory eaters appeared i have had an urge to eat Mike and Ike candies.

eekee says:

"Some fiery redheads", eh? What does it say about me that I first thought you were talking about Ayne? ;)

Mithandir says:

Uhm... possibly that you're colourblind? ;)

Therru says:

I want to know where the Dalek went.

Red Shadow says:

Firey blue-head doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

I Don't Know says:

No, no. Like blue fire: she burns even hotter and more fiercely! Also, I want to see the Dalek again too!

Dark Dragon says:

I wouldn't call the Furies "fiery redheads" so much as "crimson irritants" or "scarlet nuisances"... Excellently done comic, as always. The level^of detail has improved so much over the years. ^-^

Leinad says:

My Little Fury, My Little Fury, RHAAAAaaaAAA!

Blank says:

Hmmm, two green spirits huh, knowledge and wisdom maybe. Younger one is just regular knowledge, while the older one transcended to wisdom.

Glass says:

What's that little thing appearing between the panels again?????

Blank says:

@Glass - I think those are them glowing green-eyed skulls, just varied sizes.

Glass says:

@Blank Um, no. I'm reffering to the tiny figure between the panels. It's visible only if you use the magnifier. It's been around on previous pages as well.

aj26 says:

why is he giving out information freely?

aj26 says:

Glass, I think you have to clean the screen. becuse i don't see it.

Glass says:

:P Use the magnifier button next to th "?" button. And then look at the empty space where the first, second, forth and fifth panles meet.
It will no longer be empty. :D

aj26 says:

fine, i misspoke

Blank says:

Ahhh, that. Might be a signature or something, so that if people try to copy it and claim it as theirs on another site, the real owners are able to show proof that it's theirs, though I'm guessing.

Glass says:

Good one!
Yeah, there are little scetches like this on almost every pic...

Katkinkate says:

I thought they were just for our amusement. Something extra to look for and to justify the use of the magnifier.

therandomy says:

wait...but the bodyless spirit dodged the is he really bodyless?

Erik says:

Dodge? He seems to have reformed directly after being cut. Ayne appears to not have met any resistance when her sword went 'through' him, so I'd compare his 'body' to smoke that keeps a shape; It's disturbed by the sword, but not hurt.

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