The library
Chasing the Sunset
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Darius Drake says:

Well, at least it's not absolute power. Since Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely.

Woulv says:

"so as it is written it must be true!"

Winterbay says:

Or as Mr. Pratchett put it "Power doesn't corrupt, it attracts the corruptible"

hkmaly says:

... and we believe this one why?

Alien says:

Because gullible is written on the underside of that skull.

vash_ts says:

oh, sure it doe- aww you stole my lungs...

Untitled says:

"The library"?

Joe says:

I concur with the quote by Terry Pratchett, guy does wonders at twisting words!

Golux says:

The Library? Shades of Harry Dresden, do we have one running around known as "The Archive" as well?

Fussy says:

That's "Sir Terry" by the way.

ElectricCaveman says:

The Library... and Leaf seems to have two shadows in the next-to-last panel...

Lee wh says:

Side of ham, you big method actor.

I Don't Know says:

So is this the Dr. Moon?

Blank says:

@ElectricCaveman - Actually, you can have more then one shadow, just depends on the lighting (placement and how strong it is.

Untitled says:

....and the placement and strength of the Vashta Nerada.

crazyone says:

This whole story line seams to be doctor who related
Possibly a long elaborate April's fools day joke?

Osk says:

were they not supposed NOT to ask questions?

Winterbay says:

Well, if you're going ot be like that I think it's actually "Sir Terence David John "Terry" Pratchett" :)

Pulsy says:

This older looking green thingy seems much less of a thief. If he were older, shouldn't he have gone corrupt earlier? Or maybe this one just doesn't know that much - or has less corrupting knowlegdge.

Katkinkate says:

Winterbay, also known as Sir Pterry.

Winterbay says:

Katkinkate, yep. ANd at certain times as Silas T Firefly, but then you don't want to talk to him... (DWCon reference)

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