Let's get annoyed
Chasing the Sunset
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Asasha says:

*giggles* I wonder if I would be scarier to people if I warned them that it was time to be annoyed

hkmaly says:

Asasha: They wont believe you ...

Woulv says:


Katkinkate says:

How can he be annoyed when he's surrounded by easter eggs.

charles says:

Lots of DR WHO play here with the whole library deal. Might pay to ask what does easily kill these things though. But I'm doubtful it would part with knowledge as to it's own doom.

The strange thing is that it dodged the Furie's first blast, so I suspect it can be harmed by them if they are unleashed with enough anger.

We have anger and knowledge spirits. I winder what others there may be in the world.

aj26 says:

Run for your lives the furies are going to be unleashed.
Ether that or put a camera in there, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

C-PM says:

So many eggs!

Sir Read-a-Lot says:

Easter egg Easter eggs for Easter!

Darkwing Duck says:

let's get dangerous

kevari says:

ya know, i think people would be worried about me if i PURPOSELY told spirits of anger to get in my head. XD

Pulsy says:

Woo! Easter eggs inside the panel borders! I just hope this memory doesn't get stolen #.#

Ultrainventor says:

BWAHAHAHA! I never thought I'd see the day when Leaf would act like that!

Lee w-- says:

Q: When is an alt/title text not an alt/title text?
A: When it's a lampshade hanging.

Ladyfox7oaks says:


Lokee says:

Even the furies look surprised...

Dark Dragon says:

Why do I have a bad feeling about Myhrad falling behind?

Firelander says:

and the man is still lying on the ground, nobody cared to just pick him up.....

Ultrainventor says:

wait... where did that forgetful guy go?

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