Chasing the Sunset
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Firelander says:

Well he does need a new magic crystal since Feiht stole his old one.

g5sd says:


CCC says:

Where is Feiht, anyway? I can't imagine what would happen if she found her way to all these shiny green shiny shinies that are shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny...

MW says:

you know, Leaf had been holding one of the green crystals last comic and it disappeared half way through. ...

watsuki says:

Oooh, he fight's dirty, that mean green spirit man.

Antonymous says:

Maybe Feiht's memories have been stolen?

...wait, that wouldn't make much difference.

Ultrainventor says:

crud. he knows leaf's not a barbarian.

Me says:

Meh, they have a pretty good idea of where his dad is anyway, and it's not like they're running out of time. Elfs live for centuries. Crush that crystal with all your furies Leaf!

phil says:

I bet there is a new member in this motley is cast...

Odo says:

I just got a Firefox warning about this site. I finally managed to convince it to let me look at one of my favorites. Mith, you might want to double-check things and then castigate Firefox about the matter.

I will continue to visit and read; you and Alien please keep making this.

Wisknort says:

I'm also getting the warning error. Most likely, it's someone's ad. In any case, more heads-up that there's something wrong.

Mithandir says:

Thanks. Looks like something got through our comment blocks and was injecting script tags into a comment. Don't know yet how it did that, but I've hopefully blocked it now and asked google to recheck us.


I just noticed the blue guy in the corner of the last frame.

Ultrainventor says:

uh, Mith? I think something else got through the comment box security. hunchenhospital just placed a lot of ?s and numbers.

Ultrainventor says:

going to take a guess that the ?s and numbers represent the program's guess-and-check attempts at finding a correct sequence that would allow it to get past security, but I could be wrong. If I'm right, that would be bad, because that would mean it could get past any password protected security not specifically designed to stop it, or it could mean that the comment changed the identity of its source and tricked the comment box into thinking that it was a comment.

...I did it again. I haven't left a good sized comment in a while...

...I was also probably wrong on all accounts as well...

...and Mith knows more about computers than I do, I'd bet...

...soooo, yeah. yeah I'm done.

Me says:

Googling on the only sensible text in that post (not recommended to go to the URLs directly!) reveals it's some kind of Chinese hospital with specialized treatments and penchant for spamming web-forums with advertisements. I would assume the question marks are chinese text that the forums software won't display. Nothing to do with passwords in any case, although the layout has slightly programming-language like structure (the text is just plain question marks), but that's probably just how some forms of chinese are written.

Mithandir says:

That was just a spam. The question marks were simply chinese characters that the commenting system doesn't support.

ultrainventor says:

that makes sense. I deal with arrays and mathematical algorithms when programing, so naturally, whenever I see some group of strange numbers and symbols, I look at it as some sort of program footprint. I never see things being as simple as unsupported chinese characters. If it can be interpreted as complex nerdy math, that is how I see it.

Lokitf says:

Aw man. just finished reading all of the comics, and this one is so suspenseful! what a place to end. Really good comic though. def. one of my favorites ever.

aj26 says:

do you see that head connected to the last panel in the inside coroner

Me says:

Hay! Get your own nick name! I had "Me" first! I've been using it for two or three years now. Please cease and desist your identity theft.

Osk says:

very tough on leaf. After all, the... uh... guy has a point, he's pleading for his 'life' for whatever it is.

Leaf got fury spirits, is he going to get a knowledge spirit on board too?

find out, in the next episode of...

sorry, couldn't help myself

Kaysta says:

It's not easy... being green...

Also, Leaf has a much higher Will score than I do. :p Resist the temptation! Don't leave the quest incomplete! Incomplete quests will hang over you forever, long after you have too much experience to bother returning. o_o

Jason says:

I KNEW the magic staff looked different...

Jason says:

The magic crystal on the top is gone!

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