All Planned
Chasing the Sunset
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Terrec says:

Wow, that's a lot of shinies. They might want to hurry out before Feiht catches up.

Dindraug says:

Yes. The headache is truely powerfull in him. Think of the power he could wield if brought to the shinies side.

hkmaly says:

Hmmmm ... how much more memories could Leaf get from him? ... oh, wait, Leaf. Probably everything.

Headache is strong in this one ... :-) Ayne have headache and he just started to explain ...

Iceea says:

Panel 2 under the magnifier is just awesome!!! Sorry for the overused word. I wonder if that plan was about Ayne??

Pulsy says:

I wonder if they got the info about his father! And yes, Leaf leads to plans, plans lead to headaches, and headaches lead to the shiny side.

Lokitf says:

The problem with elaborate plans is that people are skeptical of them, so you can't get them to go along with you, and then if they act in a way that you didn't predict, the whole plan could topple...

xKiv says:

And here I thought this plans was a bit *too* obvious ...

Rock says:

Ayne, you just almost messed up a good plan. Leaf was playing that spirit like a violin and you just started hacking and slashing.

Darius Drake says:

One of Leaf's plan's WAS WORKING. Of COURSE the headache would be strong due to it!

Firelander says:

Wait, a plan of leaf was working? Well, time to get my end of the world emergency package and go hide in my bunker.

Ultrainventor says:

Hah! leaf can play dirty too.

poor ayne. she tries to do the right thing, but it always backfires.

Leaf's plans do work if everyone cooperates, because as Ayne said,they catch the universe off guard.

Ultrainventor says:

is it just me, or is the last line a star wars reference?

Wisknort says:

@Ultra: I'm pretty sure it is.

Aileri says:

Wait... You mean his plan was actually solid AND it worked this time? O.O

ShinRaiten says:

She should be pleased that it didn't end like Leaf's other plans, I would think.

ultainventor says:

use the headache Luke!

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