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Chasing the Sunset
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C-PM says:

So many doths! And ooh, an antagonist!
I can see the effects of a pre-written script already! Keep it up!

Scoot says:

My name is Scoot. I wear a boot. Woot Woot!

Dalfio says:

"... as a dragon?" LOL.

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Yay! I love Rhyme!

Sacri says:

Which dragon? Cause I see one that any street urchin could slay...

Escapist says:

Well Sacri, they'd have to get by Ayne first. And that's something NOT just anyone can do. Ha the maiden guarding the dragon what a twist!

Ultrainventor says:

I see that the fabric of time is intact. This is basically what I saw when I used the time machine.

Meh, think that joke has gone on for too long? Ok, I'm done.

but still, I feel the need to say: CALLED IT!

ShinRaiten says:

Doth froth! Sounds like a gag drink.

woulv says:


Kim says:

That's great Rhyme, comment on other peoples' odd speaking styles.

OrlahEhontas says:

I like how Feiht is using Rhyme's lute/guitar/whatever for a lookout post trying to spot the "witch".

Me says:

"... as a dragon?" That's pretty accurate. All he would need are wings and hard scales.

Azuresky says:

It's good to see Rhyme again

HeavyliftSGT says:

I love the way you put the word DOTH around the border in the 4th scene!!

Venalitor says:

always surprises me when someone taller than Ayne shows up.

Pulsy says:

Wooo Rhyme!! Yay ^^ I love her expression in the fourth panel, her eyes are spot on!

Also, Myhrad looks like he's faking it... He's not sleeping in his usual cuddly curled-up-in-a-ball position, this is more like playing dead :) Love it :D

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