The Council
Chasing the Sunset
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caribet says:

I just love Mhyrad's position, sleeping on his back... just like our cats!

don't piss off the wizard says:

no one expects the elvish inquisition

woulv says:

Tell the truth or you shal feel the wrath of the COMFY CHAIR and the horrable FLUFFY PILLOW!!!!!!

Ultrainventor says:

I think something got past the comment spam filter.

hkmaly says:

... still thinks the mages do something to myhrad as well ...

hkmaly says:

... wait ... THOSE are the elvish inquisitions dwarwes were waiting for?

Lolly says:

I love how jaded Ayne is to all of this - 'Oh, for goodness sake, he got kidnapped again...'

Lee that's writing all this so says:

The CCCP? Sounds vaguely familiar. And meanwhile Feiht's busy playing noughts and crosses/tic-tac-toe with herself, and no doubt cheating.

Kim says:

I love the Monty Python reference.

ShinRaiten says:

Nobody sus- wait, beaten to it. Ah well, nicely done all the same. Well, time to track him down again Ayne. She should consider opening a "We find missing persons," company.

Dalfio says:

I go a idea: Use this. -Give a bedrock sword and a bucket of water from MC.- I love ilogic stuff.

Firelander says:

Right, that will be the end of the inquisition. Angry Ayne + annoyed Feiht are going to pay them a visit.

Pulsy says:

Subdue sleep fakus latinus ...? :D

I love magic in this universe :) Awesome colors in the inquisition as well!

Osk says:

The dwarfs were hiding an intelligent sunlight immune troll, sounds catastrophic enough, beware the elvish inquisition!

Osk says:

For those who had the same feel of familiarity at cccp:

although they're missing the "Combined Community Codec Pack". The most well known one stands for the same thing as the USSR. If you don't know what that is about, you're either still in school or didn't pay attention during history lessons. Plus don't watch much discovery and national geographic channel.


Greenwood Goat says:

Their chief weapon was surprise. Surprise and (pointy) ears.

Torquelift says:

I'm kinda surprised Leaf got attacked but didn't even leave a scorch mark. He must have those Furies on a serious lockdown.

hkmaly says:

By the way, why is chapter 17 still the last defined in that tool for browsing archive which appears on left below comics on any page except the main?

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