Yet Another Rescue
Chasing the Sunset
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Firelander says:

Maybe first they need to wake up the sleeping dragon.

hkmaly says:

Osk says:

Yeah, they are curiously unconcerned about Myrhad

Aye-non-eee-moose says:

It's one too few digits to make a Portugese (country code 351 + 9 digits) phone number, and the 351 part can't lead to any other country, so I think they're fine.

Kim says:

My magic portal senses are tingling.

Dalfio says:

Anyone play Minecraft? If so, i challenge you to place water in the nether. If you do know how, tell meh. :3

Firelander says:

Dalfio, that actually is easy, put it in cauldrons

Lee that's writing says:

Looks more like a password than a phone number. Something to unlock secret anniversary bonus content maybe?

Dalfio says:

Firelander, No, that isnt it. Im saying if you want to flood the nether.

bob says:

send in the pixie for all their shinies

ShinRaiten says:

"Leaf Rescue Mission Four: Infiltration of the Killer Compound!"

Pulsy says:

Captured and held in a tower? Oh Leaf, just because you have long blond hair, doesn't mean you can go around playing the maiden in distress all the time!

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