Chasing the Sunset
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Alric says:

War versus the pixies - did the mages conjure lots of shinies to dristract them? :p

Mithandir says:

The actual war in question is the seven minute war.

Alric says:

Takes a lot longer than 7 minutes to read

ShinRaiten says:

I love how even being dragged along, Myrhad STILL doesn't wake up. Oh, to sleep like that!

hkmaly says:

What library? The one with ghosts of knowledge? Isn't it little far away?

ShinRaiten: Myhrad is probably under some spell.

Kim says:

Ha! Ha Ha! My magic portal sense has never let me down before!

Golux says:

@alric - reminds me of a story that was a timeline layout of The Gunfight at the OK Corral. At the end was the time it actually took, 1 hour's read = 30 seconds.

Me says:

Feiht's speech bubble isn't rainbow. :(

Pulsy says:

Fancy portal this one :o Doesn't exactly look like a door. More like some sort of colorful ruins.

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The war Ja'el is referring to is the seven minute war, which has been on the site for many years (and which as of this writing we still haven't finished).

We're also working on a boardgame about it.

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