Friends Forgotten
Chasing the Sunset
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C-PM says:

Oh, oh no... this is actually really sad.
Hopefully she can do some pixie thing and get her memories back!

hkmaly says:

... that seems like pretty important memory. Does that mean she really care about Leaf?

hkmaly says:

Note that we still don't know how much memories Leaf lost. This kind of events are really dangerous.

Azuresky says:

Oh no, Sohac! Poor dear. But it's wonderful that Chasing the Sunset is updating so regularly! You guys are awesome.

Golux says:

Poor, innocent pixies... Love the eye roll...

woulv says:

thx for awsome comic! im so looking forward too seeimg the rest of the story^^

ShinRaiten says:

I love how Feight's talks are always in different colored boxes from panel to panel. I also agree with Golux, that final panel gave me a huge grin.

Kim says:

What is the world coming to, when even the best thieves in the world are getting their stuff stolen.

Osk says:

or it could be just Feiht being a pixie with a short attention span and a typical memory for her kind

after all, pixies have amazing forgetful abilities. I'd be amazed if they stole pixie memory, since it is so rare as to be non existent.

I forgot which page it was, but it was somewhere in dragon pass, it was all explained, but I forgot

ultrainventor says:

that's terrible! she forgot him! that was one memory she was sure to remember!

ultrainventor says:

wait... are they dragging Mhyrad in a sack?

ultrainventor says:

or is it a tarp?

C-PM says:

Is there a time cutoff for the fanart contest? Like midnight GMT on Sunday or something?

Mithandir says:

Sunday Midnight CET (central european time), which is 23:00 GMT (London), 18:00 EST (New York), 15:00 PST (San Francisco)

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

I've said it before and I say it again: I love Feiht!

Dalfio says:

Hm, then i ate waffles.

C-PM says:

@Mith Okay, thanks! I'm hard at work now--I'm going to be away from my computer all day Friday, so hopefully I can get it done before then so I don't have to scramble on Saturday morning!

Nickname says:

Oh no! She has forgotten that pixies aren't innocent! Or poor!

Pulsy says:

Lol @ Feihts antenna's in panel 6 :D She looks furious!

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