Malveni - Him!
Chasing the Sunset
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Winterbay says:

Happy Birthday indeed! And what a day it is, and I get to spend it at home with a puking toddler and a puking wife. Yay! :)

Firelander says:

hartelijk gefeliciteerd

hkmaly says:

Called it!
Wait ... why wakeing pixie? They already have one awake ...

Also, happy birthday.

Osk says:

Great comic as usual. Happy 10 and on to 15

What is Feiht doing with that arrow?

Muninn says:

Happy birthday!!!

Odo says:

Gallieo Gallileo!

Lee that's been writing for ages says:

I like Leaf too. Don't all of us here?!

Kim says:

A sane plan? Doesn't Ayne know what web comic she's on ? Oh and happy birthday! ( :

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! Happy EVERYTHING!!!

Sabreur says:

Happy Birthday!

Pulsy says:

uhoh - someone will be getting an arrow in an ouchie place any second. ... ... ... OUCH!

eekee says:

This is going to go so much more wrong than any of Leaf's plans! And what is Feight going to do with that arrow??! :D Happy birthday CtS!

Terrec says:

Happy Birthday! And it seems Ayne hasn't realized yet that everyone that likes Leaf is mad.

C-PM says:

Happy birthday!

Escapist says:

Happy Birthday to you CtS Happy Birthday to you!

Venalitor says:

Venalitor says:

The quiz is rigged! Rigged I tell you!

Venalitor says:

Also, happy belated birthday. And sorry for the triple posting. . . was accident.

aDropofBeauty says:

Wow, discovered and read your whole comic on your tenth anniversary. Awesomeness. Keep up the good work :)

ShinRaiten says:

Happy 10th you guys! I hope you still have as much fun making this as we do reading it.

woulv says:

Gratulerer med dagen!

mams says:


vash_ts says:

ohhh, A plan!

also, Rss seems to be malfunctioning.

Merandil says:

Well, happy anniversary.
And is that a bohemian rhapsody joke i see there?

Bubbleing Mud Heads says:

even scarier thought, maybe feiht is putting the arrow back, ie she already did something with it..... also happy birthday!

Regina says:

I love Ja'el!

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