It talks
Chasing the Sunset
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Wisknort says:

Sohac in panel 5 is really scary... I fear for all present...

Muninn says:

Pixie logic. It's the best.

Alric says:


hkmaly says:

IT TALKS? How much memories did she lost if THIS is suprising her?

Also, funny how she forgot to flap the wings and nothing happened.

eekee says:

That's beautiful! *grins naughtily*

Venalitor says:

Yep, pretty freaky there.

Lee that's been writing for ages says:

Oh, that's right, Sohac's got no nose. How does he smell? (E-mails on a postcard, please...)

Ladyfox7oaks says:

WHY does Feith have one of Ayne's arrows?
Love Pixie logic, he's EXCITED that she's forgotten... (Facepalm)

hkmaly says:

Lee: Sohac smells the same way Feiht smells. If pixies smells at all. They also hear the same way. How they look is only vaguely related to what they can do.

augustus63 says:

where did the arrow go?

Vinom says:

Probably dropped during the hug.

Lokitf says:

Definately the best way to think about losing memories.

Kim says:

There is absolutely no way to to get a pixie upset. Their like the hydra of happiness.

Pulsy says:

I don't think we've seen Sohac up this close before... Interesting shape this one has!

Lee that's been writing for ages says:

hkmaly: Actually the answer I was thinking of was "terrible", but whatever.

AJ26 says:

I think Feiht is playing around

LostSnow says:

AJ26: Do you remember when they went on the thingies with the dead island thingie?Feiht lost her memory of Sohac to get Leaf the location of his father.

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