It Worked!
Chasing the Sunset
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apstra says:

Ghehe, dat was amazing.
But wouldn't he just be able to shut the pixies down? "Magister of great power"

hkmaly says:

Would the historian be able to stop the pixies? Or would they need to wait until it stop ammusing them anyway?

ShinRaiten says:

Tell the pixies to stop doing exactly what they feel like doing? Not it!

augustus63 says:

Erik was right! Maleivicus KRA-KA-TOW came to them, to get them to stop.

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Heh. Good job there, annoying Malveni- I mean that powerful magister. :)

Escapist says:

Nice shading.


BAHAHAHAAA!!!! no stopping them now!! XD

Kim says:

Well it did work. He found Malvencu- uhh the great sorcerer.

Pulsy says:

The townspeople must be thinking this is the mother of all thunderstorms ... with clear sky and no wind, somehow.

Dalfio says:

It my birthday today. :D

Alien says:

Happy birthday! :)

Alloria says:

Is the crazy historian guy shaded in the last panel?

stormkite says:

Nothing is foolproof given a sufficiently talented, determined, and industrious fool.

Like, say, pixies.

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