Flawless Rhyme
Chasing the Sunset
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AyalaMaria says:

I love that the pixies have come back into a highlight and Rhyme they are some of my favorite characters!

Firelander says:

Well that was easy

eekee says:

hehe! nice

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

I do love Rhyme. :)

Kim says:

Oh gold wrapped sugar. I want some!

Lee that's been writing for ages says:

I can just hear the screech of brakes as the pixies arrive.

hkmaly says:

Do she really have? I mean, gold-wrapped chocolate is common, but sugar?

Pulsy says:

Rhyme saves theday again! Also, Sohac has awesome hair!

ShinRaiten says:

I love how they kick up dust clouds skidding to a stop mid-air. They're so convinced that's what should happen that it does... attention to detail, gotta love it :D

Sabreur says:

That was brilliant. XD

AJ26 says:

why haven't the pixes stolen Rhyme's hair yet. It's so shniy and gold and shinnyshinnyshinnyshinnyshinny

Doc says:

Great to see you're moving on with Chasing the Sunset. I like your attention to details and dedication A LOT! We briefly talked on FACTS a few months ago (although you probably don't remember the guy from Belgium). We started our own webcomic now! Take care

Me says:

Gold wrapped sugar sounds like it would make a tasty treat for a dragon.

Firelander says:

Sugar, Shiny, SUgar, Shiny, Sugar, Shiny ..... my inner pixie doesn't know what too chose, if i would take the gold of the sugar it would be less shiny but if i will leave it on i will not be able to get to the sugar

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