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Chasing the Sunset
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C-PM says:

Wow, just when I was about to go to bed!

Woulv says:


Kyprioth says:

Yay! Brilliant!

hkmaly says:

Whoa new page!

Soooo, geting the only wizard they know to help was not so bright idea? I will be very surprised if Ayne actually did the right think taking the pixies with her ...

On the other hand, last we saw Leaf he wasn't in SO bad position. Perhaps it will be better to not interrupt now ...

Touraant says:


Alric says:


Alric says:

Dark, scary realm with scary monsters...

Lee of the Rogue Star says:

Welcome back! I especially like the malevolent face in frame 2 and the tentacle between the first and fourth frame.

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

SQUEEE!!! NEW COMIC!!!!! I hope that means things are calming down a bit for you and your family Mithandir. Hugs!

Golux says:

Careful with those gestures lest a void monster be given lunch...

eekee says:

haha I LOVE Malv's approach here.

Calaron says:

Um. Yeah. Maybe I'm stating the obvious here, but plottwist/charactertwist combined with the timing after such an absence.. I'm going to assume for at least a day that this isn't the actual dialogue for this episode.

Either way, welcome back :)

GDA says:

They know you are here.

HeavyliftSGT says:

Glad to see you back!! Yeaaaah!!! Hope everything is going better. Love the colors, especially the face in panel 2! Great work.

Iceea says:

Very glad to see a new comic. I do hope it's an indication that your lives are becoming less stressful and more relaxed, more - fun.
and WOW! fantastic use of the magnifier. The look on Ayne's face in the last panel, is worth the wait. Do carry on.

Beacon80 says:

Wow! And I thought this was a good week when it was just Order of the Stick starting up again!

Lee's back and he's staying says:

Hooray! Now if only there were some way to download the magnifier version! (Actually, there is a slightly involved way to... or am I saying too much...?)

Kire says:

NEWWWW COMIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

lemur says:

This is one of the best webcomics I have ever read, and you should make it into a book. It would help you (more income = more drawing time) and I would be happy to buy even with the free web version. Keep up the amazing work.


Guys look through the magnifying glass. It is pretty different.

Katkinkate says:

Welcome back!!!

Matt says:

Use the Magnifier, check out Panel 2 right where the Wizard's voice bubble is. Very sinister.

Kyprioth says:

Only just discovered the magnifier - very cool!

Lolly says:

Yay, you're back! :) And with some preeetty creepy eldritch monster creatures too...

Lee's back and he's staying says:

Oh, look out, more gibberish messages with spam links...

anonymous says:

How did Ayne get her hand behind her shoulder with her elbow down?

ultrainventor says:

Oh no! the elder fiends are breaking the fourth wall!

By the way, welcome back! We all were getting worried.

shinraiten says:

Here's hoping you guys are feeling well and everyone's happy and enjoying themselves! Really glad to see you back, hope to have an update on how life is treating you folks soon :)

Osk says:

accused you falsely / falsely accused you
It's a matter of preference.
Also - Yay! NEW PAGE

I think the glowy eyes in the second panel are definately scary

Pulsy says:

Update, yay!! Great use of the magnifier version, and i love the small tower in the back that is upside down xD I forgot how much fun it was spotting all the detail in these little pieces of art. So happy you guys are back! :D

Lankhmar says:

Well this was plot twist and a half :D

Hope everything's going ok for you guys!

Sage says:

Ah, finally!

irishdrinker says:

Is everything ok?

Iceea says:

Looks like the weird cross posts are creeping back in. I've noticed these get cleaned out/up after a bit. I take that as a very strong indication that Mithandir and company are doing Ok. Just real busy and probably over scheduled, like the rest of us. I'll wait how ever long it takes for the next installment. This story is way too good to let it go.

C-PM says:

I'm still checking in every once in a while!

irishdrinker says:

I hope they are ok. I check back in hopes of an update. Even if it is them making a post saying how life is.

hkmaly says:

Not sure about "subscribing" it, but the RSS is currently empty, which may be problem for whatever you are trying to subscribe it with.

Iceea says:

hk, if you mouse over their names you'll see a wide variety of url/addresses. I suspect most of them are bogus and the result of some spam'd cross posting from some other compromised site.

tautaula says:

Beautifully drawn, but last news update was apparently almost a year ago? Is this comic "dead?"

Red Shadow says:

No way of knowing. It's come back from long, long pauses in the past, so I keep checking in the hope that Alien and Mithrandir will surprise me again. But I don't think it's ever been a full year before.

hkmaly says:

Nah, it can't be dead, it's just little cryogenically preserved ... :) And remember that while last news update was almost year ago, last COMIC update was first April, so only four months ago. It's surprising: one would expect that posting news with some explanation is simpler that posting new comics.

Iceea says:

Notspam, yes it's a shame we can't figure out what site this junk is coming from and get them to clean up their act.

hkmaly says:

Iceea: Why do you think knowing where the spam comes from would help us get rid of it?

Iceea says:

hkmaly, just a hunch, they - the interlopers, seem to be having a, somewhat, coherent conversation which would indicate it comes from one site. Although I must admit the conversations seems to be on different topics so perhaps it's from multiple different sites. Some times sites are unaware they've been hacked and bringing it to their attention will remedy the problem. Sometimes not, alas. Or for the conspiracy theory this is the work one one individual or group who wish to disrupt this site for some reason or some kind of personal attack on our hosts. It would be a shame if that were the case. I sincerely hope that Mithandir's and Alien's and Rune's life is doing well and they will find the space to continue the story. I'll be here until the site goes away.

hkmaly says:

Iceea: ... what coherent conversation?

Also, no. They don't need to come from one site to pretend coherent conversation. And they may easily come from botnet. I don't think this is directed attack.

Iceea says:

hk, well the current bunch does seem to be unrelated but there was a bunch some time back when they were all talking about music stuff. But I suppose even those could have been unrelated. Bot net, hmm, a directed attack, hmm, I suppose it could also just be random trolling for sites with security holes in them. The stuff does get cleaned out every now and then. Whether that's our storytellers doing or people at the hosting service is unknown.

IrishDrinker says:

Woops, forgot to add my name to above post. That was not spam, that was made by me :)

hkmaly says:

IrishDrinker: Even "hello, life is crazy, Rune is older, and we have no idea when we will be able to return to the comic" would be good. Also, it's obviously not spam. It doesn't link to any site.

ultrainventor says:

Speaking of spam...

Anyway, I am really worried. Does anyone have any idea as to what is going on? Falling completely out of contact for so long is never a good sign.

ultrainventor says:

But I will keep coming back. Just in case.

Iceea says:

Interesting, the spam has changed slightly. Instead of names with bogus web address's we now have anonymous names with no web address. I wonder if that's an indication that who/whomever is doing this has read this site and noted the comments about where the spam could be coming from and has taken measures to further obfuscate their involvement. Hmm...

hkmaly says:

Iceea: I know about simpler explanation: Mithrandir modified the form and tricked the bots to fill it incorrectly, so the url doesn't appear.

Iceea says:


Iceea says:

IrishDrinker says:

Dear... I leave for a bit, come back.... and.... Post after post of... junk... what has happened?

Iceea says:

There doesn't seem to be an adequate filter in place for msg posting to keep the spam out. sigh...

IrishDrinker says:

Man... that is crazy..... I hope everything is ok.... It has been over a year since we last heard from the authors.. I know all about being busy, having a 1 year old myself.. but I hope it is just life being hectic and not something more serious

IrishDrinker says:

Alas... I think the site is now doomed. Perhaps if I go back a comic or 2, we can keep conversations going, that aren't full of spam...

AileenHeather says:

Merry Christmas Alien Rune and Mithandir :-) We hope everyone is safe and happy, and off on another adventure :-)

Iceea says:

Yep, the spam is pretty bad. You can still post comments on 738 and 739 maybe we should use those or try the forums.

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