Chasing the Sunset
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krisje says:

woohoo, so happy ^^

hkmaly says:

Main story! And we have hidden bunny ...

Firelander says:

Why is there a skull above Myhraids head?

Iceea says:

There are little things just all over the place. The background looks so nice, until you use the magnifier. "Do not feed the elder abominations" indeed.

Elaborate says:

Nice to see that you're back!

IrishDrinker says:

One thing I noticed (Might not be the same place), but using the Magnifier on the strip with Leaf being led into the tower, does NOT have eldric abominations..

Pulsy says:

YAY! The story finally continues! I was writing a small book about how awesome this is, but i decided to shorten it to this:

From the bottom of my heart: thank you :)

Arillius says:

Somehow made it to the end in one sitting. Darn it! I wanted more! Oh well, at least I know what day to come back for the next update. Thank you for this wonderful story!

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