Possessing daisies
Chasing the Sunset
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Woulv says:


caribet says:

aha! so that's what he's been up to...

hkmaly says:

He MIGHT want to mention he didn't SEEK the fury ...

Lee M (co-author of NSFW 'Nightshade the Merry Widow' by Ed Kline) says:

"Another cell. If only I had a cellphone."

Pulsy says:

Well it's been years since we saw Leaf get captured, so yes, he might be bored by now :P

I think the magnifier is misbehaving, i can only see part of the first panel. Then again, i wouldn't have noticed Leafs eyes in the first panel. Awesome ^_^

IrishDrinker says:

"Why seek one out?" "Ummmm not one. three.." "Oh.."

Mithandir says:

Whoops. Accidentally forgot to downscale the magnified version. Thanks for letting us know, Pulsy, should be fixed now.

CYB0RG777 says:

Welcome back guys! It's great to see the comic is updating again. even more so, it's great to see you guys are ok. I have to admit I was worried.

Pulsy says:

Thanks for fixing! The magnifier really shows the detail, like Leafs depressed face in panel 4. Love it! Also the bald spot on that other guy is awesome xD

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