On monsters and safety
Chasing the Sunset
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Odo says:

"I can't let you lock them up." (And it would be a really safe call on your part if you don't try.) So good to see update.

hkmaly says:

OF COURSE every warlord possessed by furies sending armies across the world wanted to do good. He might failed, yes. But he wanted to.

FirEmerald says:

'a mini dimensions'
10/10 would not grammar again lol

Mithandir says:

Ah yeah, changed the text at the last minute from "one of the mini dimensions" because hat was a bit too long. I'll fix it later.

Pulsy says:

Uhoh. You would think that guy knows better than to piss off someone posessed by three furies...

Also - where can i buy those red ear-like chair extensions? :D

Lankhmar says:

Pulsy you're assuming he's not 100% capable of handling 3 furies... he might well be!

IrishDrinker says:

In this place, he probably can handle all three Furies. The question is not can he handle furies, can he handle an Elf, Amazon and two pixies?

Arbithian says:

"We don't know the whole situation, or even a tenth of it, but we're going to make a binding decision that affects everyone without even trying to learn what the truth is." In short, their politicians, environmentalists and celebrities.

Pulsy says:

Hey Mith, Alien, this is a bit offtopic, but i don't have a Twitter account to reply to the tweet. I think in the last tweet you switched around the names of two people you two created together... :)

Mithandir says:

Pulsy: Yeah, I did the same on facebook. At least there I could correct myself in a comment ;) Took Rune to bobbejaanland the day before, so his name was very much in my head :)

IrishDrinker says:

HOLY FURIES! I didnt notice that the counter till next comic was up and operational. Is it to be believed???

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