Shiny Knight

Old picture of a knight in shining armor.

Added 1969-12-31


True-ChaosLooks CGI, is it?
The background is very good, thou the knights armor looks strange
Eikanooh, SHINEE! ^___^
DrygonIs that tunic Metal or Cloth Armor(+3)
SilverwolfYe's Leaf grown up!
pen15that guy must have a huge bloodly skull judging from the hair
Ivythats soo cool, whats that black-skinned creature though? its nifty lookin
Moocowhi i know this has nothin to do wit da pic, but my comp wont let me email u. i jus re-read the cameo page and i actually got the richard kahlan thing before i scrolled down! glad to see someone else knows about wizards first rule here! yay!
BrassGuyHey Moocow, you guys are not the only ones i have also read the books
krazzyagree with pen15
krazzyivy it's a drow or drow elf or dark elf or... i've run out of names but there evil.... we'll most of them
likesshinythingsYes, most drow/dark elves are evil, but not all...(smiles mysteriously)
LaeI like the pebbles on the ground
MoonclawNice armor, It's so shiny. Is it Mithral?
sisterI like their bodies, they look very natural, escpecially the drow. When he is sitting like he is, I can clearly see that the other thigh is "fatter" because he is sitting on the knee. Very good!! :D
augdog20i think drow are just thot of as evel they arnt realy ;)
HarvestOh, Drow are generally evil. Just like men are thought of as generally good, but have the potential to be evil, drow are generally evil but have the potential to be good. Personally, good Drow annoy me (coughdrizztcough), Drow are my favorite race because they're so evil and live in a society built upon ambition and intrigue.
MoiIndeed, he is shiny.


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