The Blues (in red)

Glowyness thanks to Mith. Rest is my fault.

Added 1969-12-31


MithandirIt looks absolutely stunning, alien. Well done!
True-ChaosIndeed, this is very well done
krazzyi think she wants something from the male... drow are blood thirsty, the females don't exactly dress that way to look purdy...and i beleive thats a little smile on her face so for drow so to us it's a giant evil grin that means she's got him right where she wants him.... wow that light is so real!how do you do that it's almost to bright to look at!
PsyMarUh, being a teenage male, I think I'll withhold my comment on this one so as to not offend :)
JarakWell done and worth the clickage
PixieJessThanks for NOT offending anybody.Anyway , it looks totally awesome!!! Really great work Alien!! And Mith, the glowing is genius!!!
The BCompletely astounding...
pen15This is a real nice picture probably the best i've seen from you Alien, but Krazzy i'm sorry to say you suffer from a lethal dose retard (guys don't wear long flowing dresses...unless they're you)
Snakewhat do you meen your "fault" I think it all looks great
Evil_Critici think you have great art skills in coloring and shading and things involving that...but when it comes to drawing...well im sorry to say need to work on it. Your pictures would look a LOT more prettier to look at if you practiced more on the drawing and not the coloring. Thats why you always think your pictures dont come out the way you want them too. Trust me.
MithandirActually krazzy is right ... the one in yellow and green is male. As for practicing more on the drawing part .... I think only about 1% of Alien's drawings get colored and shaded, if even that. Still, always room for improvement I guess. I'm no artist myself and I can't really find any faults in this one :)
PumpkinHmmm. What to say? Oh yeah - I love it! Boo Evil_Critic :P
I'm no artist myself, so I'm more than happy to see what everyone else in the world can do. This is far better than I can draw, so I can't say anything besides I think it's great. ^_^
DoggieThe glowings so pretty! I could just stare at it for minutes! (If I stare at it any longer, it hurts my eyes. XD)
DoggieOh and I love the folds in the clothing! Oh, and the shiney jewlary too. =3
LadyIslayWhat are the point of these comments if not to provide glowing praise tempered with constructive criticism? While it is nice to have people gush over my art (singing) and say how wonderful a performance was, it is the criticisms that I appreciate the most, for they provide me with an opportunity to improve my performance. Kudos to Evil_Critic for attempting to provide useful feedback, not just flow'ry praise.
And now for some flow'ry praise and constructive comments of my own: I enjoy your attention to detail. The little drip/stream in the rocks is an example of this. Mith's glow provides a very nice touch to the pic as well. I'd go for a bit more purple/black in the skin, myself, after all, they're drow, not smurfs :)
CoyotePersonally, I'm not quick to call the drawing "bad" because I usually do even worse. :) Drawing is mainly about observing the way things appear and then reflecting that through your mind.

The main things I can pick at, now that I concentrate on it, are:
Rocks look odd and melted - I'm not sure if that was intended, or a flaw in coloration or what.
Legs are slightly too long for the rest of the body. They do look too thin for health but being elves they can get away with that. :p
And yes LI, drow are gray, not blue. ^_^

And krazzy, drow aren't unusually prone to being vampires - they're matriarchal but that in itself doesn't make them "evil" or does it make life necessarily any worse for males. They have plenty more deserving ways of being evil...
FillyThis is a FANTASTIC picture and I think that the way you have drawn the evil-looking, yet concealed there is gentleness and love....
Ivythis is really purdy! i love their outfits! so pretty purdy pretty :)
i_like_shiny_thingsHey, Coyote, being blood-thirsty is not the same thing as being vampiric. And depending on which world you talk about, drow can be blue. Heck, in their original D&D setting, they're neither blue NOR grey, but black.
On a different note, this is a lovely, expressive picture. Maybe I'll go write a story about it :-)
Ziruohhhhhh yeah
MoiWonderfull shading, and I adore the glowy-ness!


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