Lightning Catcher

With a bittle help from Mith. Mermaid and shocker eel. If you can\'t tell :)

Added 1969-12-31


AlienThe thumbnail looks better than the image. Wah :P
pen15Like most of your work i don't know if it's male or female
True-ChaosAwesome alien, The only thing I could ask for would be more detail on the body, maybe some scales or something?
Eikanlove the lighting! ^_^ such a cute eel...*pets eel and gets zapped* whoops! :p
krazzyisn't he under water wouldn't the electricity shoot in every direction.
JessicaIt is cool looking! The image looks like it comes from some storybook!
PixieJessBTW you couldn't do any better
PixieJessPixieJess is also Jessica
Kittenwow. this is one of the best things you've made, in my opinion.
CoyoteBah. Don't tell people they "couldn't do better" because they might stop trying, and we don't want that... :p
PumpkinI love this Alien! - wonderful job. ^_^
BrassGuyi agree with coyo on that one.....i like the picture
GoddesssOfEmusooooooo its all.....zappy! very nice!
BenneyChaosThe emotions on the mermaid's face is just so powerful, but confusing. She seems bored or scared or upset which wouldn't be what I'd think she'd feel interacting with the eel. The artwork is amazing a beautiful, but I'm still unsettled by what the artwork is conveying.
Blue River The lightning is so cool :)
Narissonathat is sweet!! i really like it....... I WISH I COULD DRAW! WAAAAAAAH
Blue RiverBennyChaos : I think the expression on her face is concentration.
shinkodathis is fantasy at its best...congratulations!
MoiI love almost everything about this! The shading and atmosphere are wonderful, the bubbles are yummy-licious, the hair is beautifully shiny, the eel is gorgeous, and the fins are so realistic!


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