Sky's the Limit

Fast pencil sketch. Cat stepped on the elf\'s head.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienGoodness, I suck at shading.
MithandirLove the braid
FireBallNice braid, but his back foot (the one closer to us) looks uncomfortable posed...
WangWow look at those curves she's pretty hot
krazzyhow do you tell the difference between a girl elf and a boy elf....
krazzyi think it might be a boy.... since it's wearing what leaf wears in the comic...
PixieJessicareally it is very good, better thn Icould do anyway
FillyI can't believe that was a fast sketch!!
AdaeThe head looks a little small. If I tried to make something like that it would take longer than a quick sketch. Good Job!


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