Digging out

His legs aren't moldy. It's an effect of the light reflecting off the blueish asylum floor.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienMy first real attempt at bruises. Does it show?
DestervethaWell, not most of them, no...but one that is well done is the one on his near thigh, just make it bigger. Yes, real bruises aren't that big, but if they're normal-size then you can't see them :) The cuts are really well done though.
FenrisNicely done. But what is he doing in an asylum in the first place?
AnonymousIf you claimed to be an elf, you'd be locked away too. :p
krazzyi think he got frost bite on the legs just a liittle much.... better cut them of..
krazzythis elf must be enslaved... maybe by a drow... or humans.... or maybe frost giants!!!
PixieJesskrazzy is just short for crazy.It looks great but it is a bit sad.
PixieJessThe bruises look good
krazzyfrost giant are giant blue people who live on snowy moutain tops and there very smart.... umm the injuries don't add up there are cuts and bruses??? weapons usually do one or the other... sure it's possible to use two weapons.... but i think that there isn't a weapon that can make scrapes... so she might have had a little tumble right??? i am right aren't i!!!!
BrassGuyi Really like this picture
PixieJessicaOhhh... that explians why I see giant blue things here by the mountains...(in case you didnt notice THAT was sarcasm.)
krazzy... why do you taunt me???
MoonclawNice pic!:) What a min...He has the ears to prove that he's an elf, those why would he be put in an asylum for saying he's an elf.
Cool CatzHi!
Cool CatzUm,krazzy you are crazy
EllieLike it! :)
FaticiaVery nice!
CharisetIs that the imprisoned elf from the bard's tale? The one who died of grief?
You Know Who I AmLooks like he got trapped in the God Wars dungeon on Runescape :/


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