Drawn following the demise of a well known author. If you cannot catch the references, go read Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienThis image was entered into a pencil drawing contest. Not enough line width variation.
lnp4668Shouldn't he be smaller, like a tiny dot? :p
KittenWow.. you really know how to draw Norway :) Like every bit of this picture!
PsyMarAh, so that's Norway. Yay for fjords!
Lessee. The references I caught were:
A bulldozer and a house (which is how it all started);
Norway (which Slartibartfast made, complete with fjords);
Dolphins (so long, and thanks for all the fish);
The Heart Of Gold (Spaceship);
and I believe that planet is supposed to be magrathaea (sp).
Oh, and don't forget your towel!
Anyway, could someone clue me in on the person, the plant, and the bubbling-over bucket?

MithandirThe potted plant I think is what the missiles turned into (the other turning into a whale)
jedi zeroI think the bubbling drink is the pan galactic gargle blaster that is so famous. Also I can see a book which has the words (in a friendly way of course) don't panic.
jedi zeroIh, and as for the flying person, I think that is Arthur Dent, after all, he did get very good at missing the ground.
xanderyes...have to try that flying method someday- with only a small cliff, though
NastibanHey you didnt leave any for me :(
NastibanOh, nice picture by the way.
AyrinYes!!! It's from the Guide! Bwahahaha!!!
Shadow PhoenixIs that a Babel fish next to the "Don't Panic" book? Babel fish- heh heh heh. Enough to make anyone who played the HHGG computer game cry. Nice Norway ("with all the fiddly little fjords").
Do You Know Where Your Towel Is?
someonewhat's the thing that the spaceship is crashing into?
LeeThe spaceship crashing into the sign comes from the TV series. So does the person flying through the sign, though I'm not sure why he? is naked.
You Know Who I Am


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