Evil pixie from the darkness of Glitterdark forest. Concept image for the game project Worldforge.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienPixies are magical. That's how this thing can survive with shredded wings.
Polk spriteDark... very evile, I almost thought those hairs were snakes, like Medusa...
lnp4668I like the eyes. True windows to the soul.
CoyoAlien's really good with facial expressions.
xanderEVIL, very EVIL
FireBallVery nice, I especially like the eyes (as aforementioned) and the detail on the flowers.
eekeeoooo, scary fairy.
dragonqueencrit would be even eviler if the flowers were wilted and the mushroom was rotten
Blue River EVIL!!!!!!!
*runs away from crazed fairy*


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