Elf in jeans

Absedmindedly rolling a ball around on the table.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienIf someone calls this elf a she, I'm gonna tear my hair out :P
lnp4668No boobs :P
garnetxAaah! At first I did think it was a she, Sorry! Still very nice pic, tho ;)
KittenFemale face, male body. But you know me, Alien. Things I like... :)
FireBallAlien and his long-haired elves... Yes... I know, no need for the speech alien :-)... The males should have some sort of hairbands though (just a thought)...

Anyways, nice drawing, the idea of an elf in jeans doesn't quite sit right with me though...
xanderHis expression reminds me quite a bit of me- where's my ball?
krazzyi think that you should draw a male with short hair because well not all elves have really long hair... oh wait a minute i bet i know why you don't draw males with short hair! you don't know how i bet!!!
TyechI suck at drawing short hair >.< But awesome pic, dude! Nice clothing details as usual, nice shading, the hair is done superbly and the face as well (though they both look rather feminine...) Heh, sorry.
PrancyPranceUnicornlooks a bit girly, but awesome picture.
FantasyfanaticYou know, my friend drew An elf on drugs for health one time...it looked like a girl, and a boy...kinda creeped me out...


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