Vacuum Cleaner

This is the sort of stuff I'd like to put into a children's book some day. Not that that will ever happen, of course, but one can dream.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienI'm proud of this beast. I don't know why.
lnp4668neat concept.
BIG momOf course you can make a children's book some day! Mith do the story, you do the drawings, and some publisher do the rest.
garnetxI agree with BIG mom, i'm sure it can happen, you two are very talented.
Kittenmaybe you are proud because I have told you a lot of times that I really like it? ;) I have decided that I want this picture on my "russefrakk"... If that's OK with you, Alien, of course? :)
AlienGo for it. I'd be flattered to see it in use.
starmaidenIt's so adorable! I want one!
xanderthere's this one book i read, where a bottle labeled "animal spirits" is spilled. Toffe bar snakes multiply (and melt themselves on radiators), lego insects swarm- maybe they hit a vacumn cleaner? what does it eat?
FireBallReally nice! I like it!
OWKInteresting concept. Could almost do an entire series of "living" household appliances. Maybe a salamander tea kettle - though I've already come across a "cat" tea kettle in a MUD.
krazzyit's the vacumm dragoooooooon of dooooooom flee befooooooore it bloooows yoooooou away oooooor sucks yoooooou up!!!!!
spiderbabyIt's just one of those random things, but the fact that it has both feet and wheels is amazingly adorable to me. I keep squeeing. I wish you and Mithandir would do a book someday. I'd buy it!
KaasyaI like this little critter. Looks like like he would be out prowling the floors for dropped cookie bits and popcorn. Say! Can he come live at my house I need the popcorn gobbled up off the floor most evenings.
AjemiiThe vacuum-thingy is way cool i like it cause its weird like me...
Shadow PhoenixWe had a dog who acted like a vaccuum once, but never a dinosaur. I want one! He's cute! ^_^
augdoggive him happy eyes ''
Blue RiverIt's cuddly cleaning cuteness is unbearable!


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