Twirling, flowing

Merpeoples. Not sure about this one.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienNice round tails?
KittenReally nice drawing. Emotions, thoughts.. good!
starmaidenwowza. man, I have this whole story going through my head about whats going on!
FireBallVery nice! Umm... yeah, really, not sure what to say... I like the faces especially.
xanderyah, nice pic. several possible explanations there
BuzzyThe lower torso of the smaller one looks awkward, but it's really good other than that.
sisterI love the tails!! The picture looks like a young adventurous merman comforting his old and anxcious mother before going to explore the great oceans.
CryptoGirli like it. i really like the face on the taller one. nice job!
Arya This is such a cute picture!:)
It looks like a mother talking to her daughter.
I love it, it has so much compasion and love in it.
I know, I'm a real romance elf.


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Chasing the Sunset
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